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This Meetup group is for indie and local music fans to see some great shows, meet some new people, and support independent/small label and local bands in the process.

We attend shows in the DC/MD/VA area with a focus on smaller concert venues such as the 9:30 Club, Black Cat, Rock & Roll Hotel, DC9, Iota Club, U Street Music Hall, etc.

Suggest venues, shows, and bands!

Please suggest new venues, shows, and bands! Any genre! This group is active and you should be able to find someone else interested in seeing the show you want to go to (and not have to drag your friends who are not so interested in that band or music in general).

How our events work

All of our events have an Event Host who will send a message to all RSVPs with a contact phone number and a general plan for a time and specific location to meet up. With some events, the plan may be to just to meet up inside the venue. If you would like to volunteer to host an event, send Dave (https://www.meetup.com/indiemusic-134/members/3655038/) a message for details.


New to Meetup or new to the group? Feel free to send a message to our organizers! You can also post questions/comments about specific shows on the event page for that show.

Hope to meet up with you soon!

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Long-time indie rock stalwarts Superchunk recently released a new album and are conducting a U.S. tour in support of the release, coming to the Black Cat for their DC area stop. Torres is opening the show. For more details about the concert, check the Black Cat website at https://www.blackcatdc.com/shows/superchunk.html.


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Have you ever wondered what the meaning of life is? Or what's the reason for your existence? Welp...keep on searching, folks... BUT The Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival is the closest thing you'll come to finding purpose, love, friendship, and a community that will give you hope for the future of humanity...at least, until you get back home.

This is a music festival to experience, at least, once in your life: from amazing multi-genre live music, to waterslides, the late night kalliope, magical parades, it's iconic farris wheel, and sooooooooo much more!! - Bonnaroo is one hell of a trip🫠!

The Lineup this year is gonna bring amazingness & magic to your life!

This will be my 11th Bonnaroo so have no fear: I will guide you down the rabbit hole and bring you out the other side full of great memories, friendships, and dirty shoes.

Feel free to reach out with any questions and make sure you read the "Bonnaroovian Code" to get a better sense of the Bonnaroo vibe.

See you at the farm!

Travis @ 9:30 Club

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Take a walk down memory lane with me for Travis’s The Invisible Band 20th anniversary tour!

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