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What we’re about

• Grup Indonesia Internet Marketing Alliance (IIMA) dibikin untuk ketemuan para business owners, startups, dan managers di perusahaan untuk menaikan ilmu di bidang online marketing dan business. 

• We have four key values as a foundation for success in today’s highly competitive business environment: integrity, communication, professionalism and education. 

• We take pride in developing relationships with our members and providing them with the resources necessary for success. The members of IIMA are dedicated to building a voice and creating standards for Internet marketing on a global basis. Members are encouraged to offer their input on topics related to the field and the practice of Internet marketing for the benefit of themselves, their peers and the industry. 

• The IIMA mission is to provide a knowledge-sharing platform for business professionals where proven Internet marketing strategies are demonstrated and shared in an effort to increase each member’s value to their organization.