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## Presentations We've got 2 presentations this month. first, Wes Winham, Cofounder of local startup Woven is going to talk about technical interviews: ### Pen Testing The Developer Interview: Attacks that ace tech interviews and defenses that build better teams We’ll draw on the pen testers toolkit and lessons learned the hard way across my decade of startup hiring. We'll break down the typical developer interview process. Then, we'll use the lens of social engineering and cognitive bias to identify specific tactics for acing interviews. Finally, we’ll defend our interviews to make them better at predicting team success. Learning: Attendees will leave armed with both a) tools to be a more effective interviewer and b) tools to presents their best self as a candidate. --- Next, Chris Nelson, organizer of CinciJS, is coming up from Cincinnati this month to (not?) talk about web frameworks: ### What if you didn't need a web framework? If you're doing front end development, chances are you have a favorite web framework. If you've been doing it for any length of time, you've probably had several. And with good reason: good frameworks have made our developer lives more productive and enjoyable. However, they continue to come along at a dizzying pace and each one is generally incompatible with the last. At the same time, browsers have continued to innovate and standardize many of the great ideas that web frameworks invented. It's worth asking ourselves if it's time to thank web frameworks for their service and climb off the treadmill. In this talk, I'll explore the experience of building a web app using nothing other than browser available APIs. We'll talk about some of the new browser standards that have been inspired by the best of web frameworks. We'll take a look at some good ideas in web app development that don't require a framework or API to implement. We'll do all this with plenty of code examples. ## Afterwards Drinks, food, and conversation at Sahm's Tavern next door.


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