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## Presentation Jesse Sanders: I'm so done with E2E testing... until now. Testing applications from end to end (E2E) has always been a difficult proposition. From the days of Selenium to Webdriver, and now Protractor written specifically for Angular, this type of testing has taken far too much time and has been largely unproductive. The tests take too long to run and fail intermittently for no apparent reason at all. It's difficult to test features of an application without spending lots of time setting up "magic data" scenarios so we can verify that each aspect our application works as expected. This arduous process leads many developers to frustration and eventually resigning to using E2E testing for simple smoke tests. No More! Introducing, a new way of doing E2E tests that makes life incredibly simple and easy to manage. Cypress allows developers to focus on what's important and get the results we want without having to jump through a million hoops. We will be exploring what has to offer, how to set it up, and how it will change how you look at E2E tests. ## Afterwards Drinks, food, and conversation at Sahm's Tavern next door. ## About the Presenter Jesse Sanders is the founder and CEO of BrieBug, a premier broker of technology solutions. He learned to code BASIC at 13 years old on his TRS80 Color Computer and started as a developer over 20 years ago on the Microsoft stack using VB4. He founded BrieBug in 2009 and has since built a team of talented developers dedicated to delivering cutting edge enterprise solutions. He is an expert in JavaScript languages, including Angular and React. Jesse received his Google Developer Expert in Angular designation in 2018. When he isn’t busy running a software business, he enjoys skiing and cycling in his home state of Colorado, and spending time with his three kids.


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