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If you'd like to help financially, please contact the organizers at info@indypy.org.

The Indianapolis Python Meetup (“IndyPy”) is a leading national group promoting the Python programming language and connecting the Python community.

IndyPy draws Python enthusiasts from the entire Midwest for regular events. In 2019, we will celebrate
12 years of success with over 1,700 members.

We are learners, employers, and enthusiasts of all kinds. All skill levels are welcome: if you are interested in Python, we are interested in you!

Our goal is to create an inclusive, respectful environment that invites participation from people of all races, ethnicities, genders, ages, abilities, religions, and sexual orientations.

We have great regular events:

Monthly Meetups:

7:00p: Meet, Eat and Greet

7:30p: PBJ™ (Python Beginners’ Jam)
Back to the Basics: 15 minute Python tutorials aimed at beginners.

7:50p: Right Brain™ Talk
Creative topics aimed at developing well rounded Pythonistas.

8:10p: ProTalk™
Advanced Python talks by field experts

Got something to say at a Meetup? Submit your talk here: https://www.papercall.io/indypy


Day-long conferences (9am-5pm) that feature both single and multi-track options of speakers on a specific subject related to Python. Some of the topics we have covered so far include:

- Machine Learning, AI, Genetic Programming

- Web Framework Shootout

- Automating Processes with Python

- Django for Beginners

- Data Science with Python

- Testing & Debugging

- Python for Beginners

How to connect when we are not face-to-face:

Use the mailing list - indypy-list@meetup.com

Keep up with everything IndyPy by following us on Twitter: @indypy

Watch videos of past the presentations on our YouTube page: http://bit.ly/indypyvids

Chat on our Slack channel - https://indypy-invite.herokuapp.com

If you'd like to help financially, please contact the organizers at info@indypy.org

Need more information?
Contact Calvin Hendryx-Parker
IndyPy Organizer
317-861-5948 x602

Upcoming events (5+)

IndyPy Bytes: Applying Data Science to IoT

The District Tap

Join us at IndyPy Bytes this month for Zach Cardwell's talk on applying Data Science to IoT with Python. Can't make it in person? Join our livestream here: https://sixfeetup.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Rs5rkm_tQYq6VYI4AWU4hQ Agenda: 12:00p - 12:10p Introductions/Order Food 12:10p - 12:40p Presentation "Applying Data Science to IoT" by Zach Cardwell Data Science helps make sense of data using artificial intelligence, mathematical hacks, and statistics. But as more and newer IoT devices become available, the traditional techniques don't scale nearly as well as they need to, prompting a mathematical pivot. This talk will detail approaches in data science to analyze at scale, with helpful technology and concepts that will be necessary as IoT grows as a sector. 12:40p - 12:50p Q&A 12:50p - 1:00p Networking/Pay your Bill

IndyPy: In Memoriam of Python 2.7

Location visible to members

Join us this month for an Irish Wake send off of Python 2.7. If you would like to participate in a roast of Python 2, please email josh[at]sixfeetup.com Can't make it in person? Join the livestream here: https://sixfeetup.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_veBfChQkTFGAX428dg9uJA Agenda: 7:00p - 7:15p Announcements and introductions 7:15p - 7:50p Pro Talk "Deep Learning Like A Viking" by: Guy Royse The Vikings came from the land of ice and snow, from the midnight sun, where the hot springs flow. In addition to longships and bad attitudes, they had a system of writing that we, in modern times, have dubbed the Younger Futhark (or ᚠᚢᚦᚬᚱᚴ if you're a Viking). These sigils are more commonly called runes and have been mimicked in fantasy literature and role-playing games for decades. Of course, having an alphabet, runic or otherwise, solves lots of problems. But, it also introduces others. The Vikings had the same problem we do today. How were they to get their automated software systems to recognize the hand-carved input of a typical boatman? Of course, they were never able to solve this problem and were instead forced into a life of burning and pillaging. Today, we have deep learning and neural networks and can, fortunately, avoid such a fate. In this session, we are going to build a Convolution Neural Network to recognize hand-written runes from the Younger Futhark. We'll be using Keras to write easy to understand Python code that creates and trains the neural network to do this. We'll wire this up to a web application using Flask and some client-side JavaScript so you can write some runes yourself and see if it recognizes them. When we're done, you'll understand how Convolution Neural Networks work, how to build your own using Python and Keras, and how to make it a part of an application using Flask. Maybe you'll even try seeing what it thinks of the Bluetooth logo? 7:50p - 8:00p Door Prizes 8:00p - 9:30p End of Python 2 Roast (Open Mic)

IndyPy Bytes: Big Data

The District Tap

Can't make it in person? Join our livestream here: https://sixfeetup.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_52Z79yTZTCy7xMVH4k6M_w Agenda: 12:00p - 12:10p Introductions/Order Food 12:10p - 12:40p Presentation by Robert Herbig & Jordan Thayer "Making AI more accessible to the non-developer with Python" Many of our clients have domain experts who are identifying interesting properties in large sets of data. The experts are often systems or mechanical or electrical engineers who are not statisticians, data scientists, or programmers. Rather than hire one of those and teach them the domain, these clients want their existing experts to leverage AI techniques to better perform the tasks they are already doing. There are many AI libraries available in Python, but they are designed to be used by programmers. We have been building some tools in Python to lower the barrier to entry for those existing libraries. We detect common errors early, make evaluation of learner performance easy, and visualization of learner behavior and the underlying data more accessible. We'll talk about what drove these decisions and walk through a simple example of using this tool on a readily-available dataset. 12:40p - 12:50p Q&A 12:50p - 1:00p Networking/Pay your Bill

Indy Hackers Holiday Social 2019

Location visible to members

>> REGISTER FOR THE 2019 Indy Hackers Holiday Social ON EVENTBRITE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/indy-hackers-holiday-social-2019-the-9th-tickets-71679827293 << Details: The ninth annual Indy Hackers Holiday Social is happening Saturday, December 7th, at Launch Fishers, and you're invited! Please join the Indy Hacker Community, starting at 7pm, for a night full of food, drink, and friends both old and new. This will replace our normal December Meetup. Everyone is welcome - junior devs, senior devs, non-devs who want to know more about programming, Pythonistas, Javanese, COBOLians, Scalanites, PHPers, Rubyists, .NET nuts, Perlsians. As always, the Holiday Social is completely free. Come represent IndyPy and meet some new people! Nominations for the Hackies are currently open from Oct. 7th - Oct. 21st. *What are the Hackies?* Each year, we recognize individuals in the Indianapolis tech community who have done outstanding work throughout the year, whether by improving their own skills, mentoring and teaching others, or doing their part to enrich the community as a whole. The Hackies Awards recognize individuals in the community who are great promoters of inclusion, empowerment and diversity. >> Check out the full description and read more on how to nominate someone: http://www.indyhackers.org/hackies <<

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