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Data Visualization with Plotly for Python
by: Keith Brooks
Data is everywhere around us, from agriculture sensors for improving farming to real-time stats on basketball players. However, for most people a long list of data entries doesn't provide a vivid picture. Plotly is an interactive visualization tool used with Python. We will take a journey with plotly by creating a choropleth map to provide a more engaging experience. Everyone has a story, how will you tell yours? Topics will include generating data and layout objects to create choropleth maps with minor styling.

S.T.E.A.M. Power: How The Arts Supercharge Technology
by: Glenn Keller (CountryMark)
A CIO of a large Defense contractor eliminates the technically qualified applicants that have no Arts background.
The U.S. Navy uses the band members from a sunken battleship to break the Japanese Naval Code leading to the victory at Battle of Midway.
My first boss, at Duke Energy told me my Computer Science degree got me in the door but my Theatre degree got me hired.
People we know as actresses designing radar jammers, physicists painting and writing symphonies, and generals writing poetry.
While the focus on S.T.E.M. education will lift people from poverty, and fill talent shortages, without a well-rounded education and sensibility it will only take us so far.
I will discuss examples, use photos and my own experience to illuminate how broadening our notions of what makes a good technologist can benefit our organizations and society as a whole...and what we should be telling our children.

The Practice of GIS in Indiana
by: Jim Sparks and Kavya Urs Beerval Ravichandra (Polis Center at IUPUI)
GIS, Geographic Information Systems, are used extensively in government, academics, and the private sector as a location based way to collect, organize, analyze, and display information. Jim Sparks, Indiana’s first Geographic Information Officer, will provide an introduction to the practice of GIS as well as information about where and how GIS and geospatial data and resources are employed in Indiana. In addition, he will highlight the use of Python scripts to automate geoprocessing tasks within GIS software.


7:00p - 7:20p Meet, Greet and Eat

7:20p - 7:30p Announcements and introductions

7:30p - 7:45p PBJ Session with Keith Brooks

7:45p - 8:00p Right Brain Talk with Glenn Keller

8:00p - 8:30p Door Prizes/CrowdPixie Demo

8:30p - 9:15p Pro Talk with Jim Sparks and Kavya Urs Beerval Ravichandra

9:15p - 9:45p Networking