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What we’re about

Ingenium: in-JEHN-ee-um; Latin, noun. Talent, innate nature; intelligence, or natural capacity.  Think of the word, "Ingenuity".

Ingenium is a new, innovative project where kindred spirits share their talents and passions, and inspire each other to cultivate their healthiest, most creative selves.
Ingenium is a private, non-commercial property that can house several individuals and families. We are open to conscious and creative souls of many types. We have the common goals of healthy and clean living, ongoing personal growth, cooperative communication, relational vitality, an absence of substance or media dependence, aesthetic individual and group environments, and holding a compassionate and supportive mindset.

We are forming into a close, yet individually autonomous group - developing common grounds, a common house with shared facilities, shared studio and workshop space, special gatherings and collective projects; combined with small, individual clustered housing, independent personal economics, independent spiritual persuasions and the like.

We acknowledge that both personal creativity and cooperative group processing can be developed as a vehicle towards enhanced sapience. Personally, this is experienced as heightened perception, sensitivity, intuition, insight, innovation and compassion.  For the group as a whole, a dynamic is formed of inclusion, mutual well-being and an advanced collective wisdom.

We recognize that inspiration derived from both creative expression and group consciousness promotes deepened interpersonal commonalities as well as physical, mental and emotional health. Our primary goal is to both model and practice a lifestyle where fostering personal growth and creative spirit, especially in the context of an on-site, supportive, like-minded group, enhances our natural aptitudes, social relations and holistic well-being.

For more information about Ingenium Village, please visit us at:                                                
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