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Developing With WooCommerce - #IEWP Dev Meetup (Learn Code)

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Verious Smith I. and WordPress
Developing With WooCommerce - #IEWP Dev Meetup (Learn Code)


At this month's Meetup We will have Sean Conklin Presenting on Developing with WooCommerce. In this presentation you will:

Understand What to Focus on When Developing for WooCommerce
* Child Theme Development
* Use of Official Documentation & Code Snippets
* Use of Official Extensions over 3rd Party Marketplace
* Using caution with Template overrides
* DevOps: Version Control Strategies & Deployment Strategies.

If you would like to hear this presentation then be sure to come, this will not be live streamed.

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The Inland Empire Dev Meetup is intended for intermediate to advanced developers. At this meetup we talk about WordPress-relevant-code-level things.

- PHP & Javascript
- Javascript Frameworks
- Modern Web Development Workflows

We are web developers first, then WordPress developers. We have an [in progress] skills ladder that gets updated regularly.


We also welcome any developer presentations that are relevant to developing websites for WordPress. We look for unique workflows. Submit your talks below:


Everyone is welcome to come share & grow in their skills!