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Welcome to the meetup Inner Selves for Outer Mastery!

My name is Carl Johann Schroeder. It is my joy to be a spiritual teacher and life coach with my own unique system for personal evolution that I call Inner Selves Mastery. Developed with my spirit guides over the past 35 years, the ideas and techniques really work to make sense of life, heal the past, and move us all forward in these great times of humanity's awakening. Wise and loving personal empowerment comes naturally from learning to clear the blockages and misunderstandings of the inner worlds, so we can thrive outwardly in divine creative partnership with our own soul, inner being, higher self, and life energy.

Every Sunday we offer a free talk on a spiritual topic with valuable insights you may find nowhere else. To support people in their personal growth with friendly community we also run dream groups every Monday, and mystical experience sharing groups on the 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays. Sign up on meetup to attend, register at for our newsletter of more tips and events, and enjoy our YouTube channel at

I have taught classes and facilitated groups for many years. This particular meetup started as a 2018 project to be more focused and informative, and since 2020 we've been weekly with material that continues to be developed for books and workshops. If you feel guided to be here I encourage you to explore and join us as often as you like. My philosophy comes from decades of journaling, dreamwork, meditation and mindfulness practices, spirit communication, and mystical experiences that draw upon many different spiritual traditions.

I remember several past lives in which I teach esoteric spiritual information, so this meetup represents my current lifetime's contribution to a greater soul misson. I also believe we're all here with wonderful gifts to share as we make friends and learn from one another. In the words of Ram Dass, we're all walking each other home. So I look forward to meeting you to exchange ideas and inspiration. Welcome!

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