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We learn how life mastery is attained through a working knowledge of the inner universe that each of us carries deep inside. We are creators in training with inner selves who depend on us for the beliefs and choices that make our daily success. For each meeting a topic both spiritual and practical is presented after group support checkins. Sign up on meetup to attend, signup at http://www.signupism.com/ for our newsletter of more tips and events, and enjoy our growing YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/InnerSelvesMastery

Our material is largely original and being developed for books and workshops. Important concepts include: holistic systems, life processes, psychological stages of growth, soul relationships, evolutionary archetypes, and communicating with unseen friends, synchronicities and dreams.

My name is Carl Johann Schroeder and I've taught classes and facilitated groups on spiritual wisdom intermittently for many years. This meetup started as a 2018 project to be quite focused and informative, so if you've been led to it I encourage you to attend regularly for material you may find nowhere else. My philosophy comes from decades of journaling, dreamwork, mindfulness practices, research, and exploring and comparing different spiritual traditions. 

I am also well aware of several past lives in which I teach esoteric spiritual information, so this meetup represents my current lifetime's contribution to a lineage. What a wonderful time we live in to enjoy relatively unpersecuted freedom to candidly share and explore our full human potentials!

I know those of you who are drawn to this material have your own depths of wisdom and magical destinies. I look forward to meeting you to exchange ideas and inspiration. Welcome!

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Challenges and Benefits of Being Yourself

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“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” So said Oscar Wilde, the brilliantly droll Irish playwright who lived and died for his right to be himself. This Sunday Oct 9, 2022 we’re going to look at the challenges and benefits of being yourself, because God knows the persecutions can seem endless for the genders, races, and cultures whose very existence challenge the old paradigms that would destroy the Earth and its people. The Goddess knows that you weren’t born only to struggle for the beautiful prospering life that is your own destiny. At this very moment, the streets of Tehran are filled with protesters from the martyrdom of Mahsa Amini, the 22 year old woman killed by the morality police for accidentally showing her hair in public. The religious dictatorship that has ruled Iran by fear may now finally fall. You and humanity will take back your power and planet because you have the authority of your very own soul, while the forces of domination have no life or power of their own.

Your soul is your unique way of loving wherever you’re guided to be, and your love is the source of your eternal life. When you believe in your best self then the Universe comes to help you, including Archangel Zadkiel who came to me in planning this meetup. I was not familiar with Zadkiel and learned that he/she is the angel of freedom, compassion, forgiveness and mercy, all qualities essential to true self-discovery. When we believe that we must fight for a place in this world, then that belief will attract endless battles to be who we are. We can better make the law of attraction work for us by allowing our soul to take us to where we already belong. When you discover the joys of your own spiritual identity, you may indeed still be guided to work for justice, but you will be strengthened by the contrast rather than weakened by the conflict. You will know who you are as you speak the truths that encourage others to awaken as well.

You know you’re on the right track in life when your worldview does not fragment into judgments for who is good or bad, but rather your heart expands with compassionate understanding for how and why people lose track of their souls. There are so many false pressures to conform for rewards in a shallow materialistic culture that seeks to endlessly entertain but never truly enlighten. When people finally realize they can’t take a fake life anymore, they often have no idea what to do except rebel in destructive reactive ways that only take them back into the system again. When you dig deeper into how you live your whole life, you respond more from your own soul’s personality. The soul shows itself across the stages of a whole life, which is why when people grow spiritually they recall their childhood dreams to realize more of their core values.

The soul also shows itself across lifetimes. In the 19th century Oscar Wilde struggled to express his ideals as a persecuted gay man. In the 20th century, Oscar Wilde was reborn as the gay spiritual teacher Andrew Harvey who no longer needed to fight to be himself. In the early 1960’s the modern environmental movement was founded by Rachel Carson and her book Silent Spring, which faced many years of opposition by the chemical industry to get DDT and other pesticides banned. Rachel died shortly after her book was published, but 40 years later she reincarnated as Greta Thunberg, the powerhouse climate change activist who was ready to face opposition for the rest of her life in defense of the Earth. Today in Iran, Mahsa Amini’s soul has created a flashpoint for women’s rights, which may reclaim the land of the incredibly sensitive spiritual poet Rumi who was reborn as the equally sensitive Kahlil Gibran.

For this meetup, look at how you have fought for your values in places where you didn’t belong, and imagine how much more you will prosper to follow your own soul into the places where you will be most appreciated. After check-ins to share and relate, I’ll outline the process of divine individuation by which you can assert and discover your spiritual identity with less harm and more harmony. We’ll talk about how to divest your energies from conflict and false personas to establish more of your values for the life you’ve always wanted. We’ll conclude with a guided meditation to compassionately release old relationships and choices that no longer serve, to make room for more of the true you that you’ve always tried to become.

Welcome! Our Inner Selves Mastery spiritual support group is free online every Sunday 11am-1pm EST. You can signup here for this meeting and check www.meetup.com/Inner-Selves-for-Outer-Mastery for all events including dream and mystical experience sharing groups. You can also subscribe at www.signupism.com for our complete weekly newsletter with more tips and ideas.

Best wishes
Carl Johann Schroeder,
spiritual teaching and life coaching

Dream Interpretation Group

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Got dreams you don’t understand? Let’s DIG in! The Dream Interpretation Group will absolutely help you get the important messages of your night dreams as well as the recurring symbols of your whole life.

NOTE: I am cross-promoting my main dream meetup here, so you can follow all directions to signup here or even better signup at https://www.meetup.com/The-Super-Dream-Share

Your dreams are more vital than ever to guide you safely and securely on this fast changing Earth. Beginners to advanced will benefit from lessons and exercises on the language of dreams, leading into the sharing and interpreting of volunteered dreams. We will use the “if it were my dream” approach that honors the dreamer’s own meanings while allowing everyone to make more associations. The group is well-structured by expert dreamer Carl Schroeder for real insights on the levels of reality, lucid dreaming, guidance from spiritual helpers and archetypes, soul evolution, astral travel and more. Your dreams are rocket fuel to the creativity, success, and destiny of joy that you’ve always wanted. Invite more of your amazing and sacred unconscious mind into your own conscious living today!

DETAILS: Meetings are online by zoom, attend as often or whenever you like. I need your email to send you the zoom link so message me that if I don’t already have it. If you’re able to make a donation of $5 that will help us continue as well as set your intentions for a valuable experience (first timers welcome to try meeting first)
PayPal (if possible choose the option for family/friends to avoid fees) https://www.paypal.me/InnerSelvesMastery
OR Venmo @InnerSelvesMastery

We will study 4-6 dreams submitted by the attendees. Dream-like experiences with symbolism to understand are also welcome, including meditations, day dreams, storytelling imagination, personal mythology and magical synchronicities. Everyone learns a lot on the way, so you don’t need to volunteer a dream to enjoy and benefit from the group. To have your dream analyzed, write it out concisely in present tense and give it a title so it can be read clearly to the group once or twice. If you email it to me first then I can best prioritize it and gather my insights, but we can also trust the flow. The universe will bring the best people and guidance together so everyone will get what they need.

Because dreams are so important, I’m offering this meetup twice monthly every 2nd and 4th Monday to be available as needed. If it’s a small group, then you get lots of personal dream coaching - if it’s larger, then everyone learns from each other. I think Monday is a good day to catch new dreams both from the weekend and the start of a new week. Of course you’re welcome to process older or recurring dreams as well. For anyone who has more urgent or extensive dream interpretation needs, you can message me directly for advice and coaching.

To get the free ISM newsletter for all our weekly life tips and events SUBSCRIBE at http://signupism.com

I teach a spiritual psychology system I’ve developed called Inner Selves Mastery, so check out more meetups at https://www.meetup.com/Inner-Selves-for-Outer-Mastery

Happy dreaming,

How to Feel Always Loved

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Welcome! Our spiritual growth support group is free online every Sunday 11am-1pm EST. Sign up on meetup to attend, plus you can subscribe at http://signupism.com/ for our newsletter of tips and events. The Zoom link is in the newsletter and on the meetup page before the meeting.

TOPICS: at the beginning of each week Spirit guides me to a theme of empowerment and reality creation that I post briefly and investigate further. The day before I pull together my notes and write a manifesto to guide the meeting which then flows for everyone's benefit.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Our format works great with 3 parts: checkins, topic presentation, and meditation. I come prepared with helpful teachings from my spiritual psychology system called Inner Selves Mastery, so I’m flexible for what people need based on our checkins. You say your name, where you’re calling from, and something about how you’re doing in each of the four human bodies: Physical life, Emotional feelings and relationships, Mental thoughts and plans, Spiritual values and inspirations. Success and happiness come with keeping those four bodies healthy and aligned, so we all can relate and share as we go into discussion. I’m just the facilitator here, so I hold a space for everyone to shine. A guided meditation about 10 minutes at the end puts ideas into practice and grounds us for the day.

We’re all relaxed and authentic here. Please feel free to join us whenever you feel guided to, and thank you for being you!

BACKGROUND: Hello my name is Carl, I’m a spiritual teacher and life coach. My Spirit team has guided me for over 30 years to develop a system for personal evolution called Inner Selves Mastery, which shows how the many parts of You can work better with the Source to live in a loving Universe. I’ve been leading groups for over 20 years, and since the massive shifts of 2020 offering as much support as I can. Yes this is the so-called ascension time for Heaven on the Earth, so keep returning to your highest hopes and dreams. Transition is a little rough at first but your peak experiences show that you’re more ready than you know. Build your compassion for all as you focus on your unique Soul and path, because the Source always has a plan for your total happiness and you are dearly loved.

Wishing you all the best in every way!
Carl Johann Schroeder
Spiritual Teaching and Life Coaching

Mystical Experiences Sharing Group

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Did you get a MESsaGe that you'd like to share with like-minded explorers of the human spiritual potential? Welcome to MESG: the Mystical Experiences Sharing Group, online every 3rd Tuesday 7-9pm EST. It’s a safe fun place to trade stories and get support for synchronicities, energetic sensations, psychic insights, mediumship, fantastic dreams, visions and meditations, astral travel, past lives, working with angels, guides, faeries, and ETs, and every other super-natural adventure you may be having in these fabulous ascension times.

Our emphasis will be on the positive potentials of personal transformative experiences. Everyone’s going through a lot of emotional ups and downs these days as the past is being cleared for the amazing new future of extra dimensions and opportunities for healing. It’s perfectly understandable if you feel alone, worried or overwhelmed, just please don’t think you have to stay that way! Reach out for the community and belonging you need to enjoy the best changes that Gaia is wishing for all of humanity. Beyond the fears are the facts that humans have evolved to become the loving wise stewards of a planet that’s more diverse and magical than anyone ever dreamed. Your soul is calling you to believe and experience what you came to Earth for.

Beginners and advanced are welcome, to hear, share and enjoy some true far-out tales. My name is Carl and I've been cataloging my own mystical experiences for the past 35 years, plus helped to run groups like this for the past 20, so there's not much I haven't seen or felt for a positive evolutionary perspective. My goal is to hold space and facilitate with a light touch. We'll do check-ins, see who's get some stories to tell, and then dive into fun stuff. You can always say how much feedback you want, stop anytime, or just listen to expand your own heart and mind. No one will judge or say exactly what your experience means, only offer some relating and compassion to help you find your own way. The goal of higher beings is to encourage everyone to grow their own consciousness for the joys of co-creating with their own piece/peace of the all-loving Source.

We'll be here when you need us, so happy trails! If you can't wait to our next meeting, I can also recommend the PEG: Psychic Experiencers Group at www.rhine.org for a similar online format every 1st Tuesday 7-9pm EST.

best wishes,
Carl Johann Schroeder
spiritual teaching and coaching

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