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What we’re about

Insight Tech Talks NYC hosts hybrid events to bring the NYC tech community together through presentations and panels from experts in DevOps, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Engineering.
This group is for you if you wish to have:
* Real-world examples from the newest, latest digital-native companies explaining, profiling, and demonstrating the emerging tech that powers their products
* Advice on the latest trends in 2023 hiring process at tech companies and tips for making a career transition
* Networking and connections with like-minded tech professionals and software engineers in the NYC Metro Area (and naturally remote to all of the USA and the world) tech community
* Critical information and insights regarding a diverse set of technical disciplines and how they work together to create amazing teams

Want to give a talk? Please submit your idea here:
This group is sponsored by CodeLogic, a revolutionary enterprise software company that provides you the developer with the most comprehensive and automated application dependency mapping platform available, as well as the freedom and agility to work with most scalable and innovative technologies for any datasets.  CodeLogic helps you build scalable, competitive and reliable applications in "truly salient agile (TSA)" fashion, and helps you understand and tame, in real time, all day every day, from anywhere in the world, the complexity, connections, and dependencies in your IT landscape. 

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