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Learn experientially to know Universal Essential Self in You and to live as Essential Self in your daily life.

Together those who participate in this circle will co-create the energetic field of Essential Self and become sensitized to what supports individuals and humanity as a collective to sustain this field. We will learn about the key steps to becoming a Universal Human and how to live from this perspective 24/7/365 days a year.

As a participant in this Circle experience, you become one more human being who is energetically charged to help co-create a more smooth transition for our earth and humanity as a whole as Stage Three Consciousness is anchored in our everyday experience.

Join us for this eight week experience and experience an exponential growth in consciousness.

Wendy Foxworth (Spiritual Practitioner and Director of the Center) and Ken Betzen (Shaman and President of the Center) will co-facilitate this Circle.

Peace and Much Love to You Until We Meet in Circle.


Wendy Foxworth

Director of the Center for Conscious Living



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