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This meetup is for those who are searching for something internally on a deep level. For many, there is a need to grow, learn, and evolve. Perhaps you are awakening to a higher level of consciousness, and you want to meet other like-minded individuals. Do you feel like an "old soul" or an empath? Do you enjoy learning about metaphysics, energy therapy, alternative healing, and love interactive workshops and classes? Then this is the meetup group for you!

With my extensive background in metaphysics and numerous energy healing modalities, I organize and teach many of the workshops myself. I also aim to set reasonable fees for the workshops so that most members can afford to attend.

Our group has some of the most warm, kind, open-minded people I have ever met! We invite you to join us-- you may even feel as though you've finally found your "tribe!"

Light & Love,

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Mastering the Spirit

My office

This is part 3 to the Reconstructing the Spirit workshops. ANYONE can join in, even if you haven't attended the other classes, as there's always something to learn every time we meet. In Mastering the Spirit, our journey to know our true selves and believe in ourselves continues. We will discuss the four stages of building self-esteem and where we each find ourselves getting "stuck." Loving and accepting ourselves and creating genuine confidence begins on the inside, although most people seek it on the outside. The secret to creating your best life and finding the peace you've always sought is believing in yourself. As before, there will be a guided meditation. In this one, you will be releasing any blocks existing in your back chakras (which contains the unconscious part of you). That which impedes us in other dimensions affects us right now in this lifetime! Even if you feel you already have released some blocks, more can surface to be released later. You will learn about radiant circuits and how they can lift your spirits and restore your feeling of well-being. We will practice them so you can continue to do them on your own. This will help you to feel good about yourself and can lift sadness. I will also illustrate how you can lose power through the chakras and start making positive energy investments opposed to negative energy investments. Bring a notepad and pen/pencil with you and water. The fee for this workshop is $35 cash or check upon arrival.

Reiki Level 1; Learn Energy Therapy Techniques

This Usui Reiki workshop is a TWO-DAY class on BOTH Saturday and Sunday morning--9AM to 12 noon--November 2nd and 3rd. Participants must attend class BOTH days to complete level 1 Reiki certification requirements. Whether you are new to energy therapy, or you already have some experience, you will enjoy my Reiki workshop series! Learning Reiki 1 is a wonderful starting point even if you don't understand what energy balancing is all about, and have never worked with energy or chakras before. Every novice I've introduced to energy therapy has been able to feel energy! For those who have taken one or more levels of Reiki with other teachers, you may feel you weren't given enough instruction, or you're not sure how to fully utilize the skill. Perhaps you are looking to add more techniques to your tool belt, and be able to help a wider range of people. That's why I've developed a series of workshops that introduce students to Reiki....but I include MUCH more than just Reiki training. By the end of the series, students learn how to do a full Reiki treatment, reposition auras, seal leaks and tears in the energy field, learn techniques that relieve back issues, clear stress from the mind, accelerate wound healing, help with chronic fatigue and other disorders, cut energy cords and remove entities from people! Whether you intend to use the techniques and knowledge professionally on clients or just with family, friends, pets, and on yourself, I want you to be equipped with healer knowledge. To be a successful healer in any modality, you must be prepared for any situation and also for your healing abilities to grow and evolve. Of course there will be lots of hands-on practice time as well on both days of the workshop! If you don't already know how to feel and "run" energy, you will be given the opportunity to experience this during class. In addition, you will learn the benefits of energy balancing, the basics of the energy systems (aura, chakras), how to use Reiki energy to facilitate healing on yourself, on animals, plants, and on people. Every student will receive a Reiki Healing for Beginners book which includes over 100 remedies for ailments such as depression, weight gain, menopausal issues, colds and flu, diabetes, aches and pains, and more! Please contact me by email [masked] or call[masked] if you have any questions about this workshop. TOTAL workshop fee for both days is $150. If $50 deposit is received by October 26th, the workshop is only $125. Note: Anyone who changes their RSVP to "not going" within 72 hours of class will be REQUIRED to pay a $50 deposit in advance of the next Reiki class they sign up for regardless of reason to not attend.

Soul Psychology; Life Purpose Hand Analysis

SOUL PSYCHOLOGY HAS THE ANSWERS! -- Special guest host Tina Burgan -- Inside every acorn contains a map of the mighty oak it is designed to be. 5 months prior to birth you posses a complete map; fully and unalterably formed to guide you on the path of your greatest fulfillment. Wouldn’t it be good to know what that map has to show you? Your purpose is specific, knowable and accurate. Life Purpose Hand Analysis is an objective means of interpreting this map. Through careful study and scientific research of hand shape, lines and fingerprints, a complete picture is formed of your life purpose, your thought patterns and the personality you inhabit along your journey. Invaluable information at any age. Tina will present an overview of how your Soul Psychology, personality and way of thinking each combine to create your specific purpose and life of deep meaning. After her presentation she will take a very quick look at everyone's hands and mention something of interest. Bring your hands, an open mind and your questions. Tina Burgan is a Master Life Purpose Hand Analyst with the International Institute of Hand Analysis. She had a reading with Richard Unger 8 years ago and fell head over hands in love with the art and science of Soul Psychology. She lives peacefully (now that the three kids are gone!) with her husband in Greenville, SC. She loves travel, cooking, walking, and grandkid time when she is not reading hands. There is no charge for this meetup, but donations are always welcome. Contact Info: TINA BURGAN[masked] [masked] www.tinaburgan.com

Meeting of Empaths

My office

Our last meeting at the library was quite a hit! There is clearly a need for us empaths to get together and support one another on a regular basis. The library is closed on Sundays so this time we will meet at my office. Space is limited so be sure to sign up early. At this meeting I will bring topics up for group discussion. Not sure if you're an empath? Answer the following questions: Do you easily pick up on the mental and emotional state of another person without them saying a word? Do you sometimes take on others' feelings as if they were your own? Do you avoid crowds and loud places because they drain you or stress you out? Have you been told, "You're too sensitive!" by others? Do you generally need alone time to recharge? Do strangers often share their problems with you? Do you have a strong interest in spirituality or metaphysical studies? Do you tend to have a gentle, caring nature, often doing more for people or the planet than others typically would? Have you often been taken advantage of in the past? In other words, you're a giver and takers seemingly show up at your doorstep? Have you had at least one relationship or friendship with a narcissist? Do you sometimes feel others' physical issues in your own body? Do you seemingly know what animals and plants need to be happy? If you have answered yes to some or all of these questions, you are most likely an empath! A quiz to find out what kind of empath you are will be available to those who did not attend the first meeting. This meetup is free to attend.

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