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This meetup is for those who are searching for something internally on a deep level. For many, there is a need to grow, learn, and evolve. Perhaps you are awakening to a higher level of consciousness, and you want to meet other like-minded individuals. Do you feel like an "old soul" or an empath? Do you enjoy learning about metaphysics, energy therapy, alternative healing, and love interactive workshops and classes? Then this is the meetup group for you!

With my extensive background in metaphysics and numerous energy healing modalities, I organize and teach many of the workshops myself. I set reasonable fees for the workshops so that most members can afford to attend. Keep in mind that the knowledge, skills, experience, education, and the many hours I spend organizing the workshops has value.

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Calling All Empaths!!

Pelham Road Library | F.W. Symmes Branch

This meetup is a gathering for empaths or people who think they may be an empath. Not sure if you're an empath? Answer the following questions: Do you easily pick up on the mental and emotional state of another person without them saying a word? Do you sometimes take on others' feelings as if they were your own? Do you avoid crowds and loud places because they drain you or stress you out? Have you been told, "You're too sensitive!" by others? Do you generally need alone time to recharge? Do strangers often share their problems with you? Do you have a strong interest in spirituality or metaphysical studies? Do you tend to have a gentle, caring nature, often doing more for people or the planet than others typically would? Have you often been taken advantage of in the past? In other words, you're a giver and takers seemingly show up at your doorstep? Have you had at least one relationship or friendship with a narcissist? Do you sometimes feel others' physical issues in your own body? Do you seemingly know what animals and plants need to be happy? If you have answered yes to some or all of these questions, you are most likely an empath! Many people go through life never knowing they are an empath. So, during the FIRST HOUR of this meetup, I will help educate participants about the types of empaths (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, natural, and shamanic.) You will answer questions that help you determine which one(s) you are. I will also include how an empath can CLEAR and PROTECT themselves from other people's energy. During the SECOND HOUR I will explain why empaths attract ENERGY VAMPIRES such as narcissists, controllers, victim types, and others into their life. I have had many personal experiences that I will share with the group to illustrate how you can avoid the headache, heartache, and pitfalls out there when you are highly sensitive. I will share valuable insights from psychiatrist (and empath!) Judith Orloff's book, The Empath's Survival Guide as well as Dr. Christiane Northrup's book, Dodging Energy Vampires. There will be room for discussion as well as questions as it's always more fun when the meetup is interactive! There is no charge for the meetup, but donations are welcome and there will be a donation box near the door of the meeting room. Thank you for helping me with the Meetup dues so I can keep hosting meetups for our community! :) {Please note: the library rules allow only bottled water to be brought in, no food or other beverages.}

Reiki Level 2; Advanced Energy Techniques

My office

(Please note: This TWO DAY workshop is for those who have already graduated Reiki Level One with me. It is BOTH Saturday and Sunday mornings, 9AM-12 noon). In Reiki Level 2, we discuss using the Reiki symbols, chakras 8-12, the meridian system, dowsing, incorporating crystals into a session, and energy cord cutting. I will also address removing entities and other unwanted debris and attachments from someone's aura. On the first day of class (Saturday September 28th, 9AM-12 noon) I will give the 2nd degree Reiki attunements so that the students' level of energy increases. We will discuss the sacred symbols used in Reiki treatments, as well as the Fire Serpent symbol and tapping into kundalini energy. Students will partner up and practice using the symbols as well as dowsing and scanning. Also there will be an overview of the meridians and chakras 8-12. These can be integral for releasing past trauma and blocks and locking in healing energy. Day 2 (Sunday, September29th, 9AM-12 noon) of class we will discuss the benefits of incorporating crystals into a healing treatment. Students will learn about harmful energetic cords (such as ancestral ties that no longer serve them) and how to detect and detach them. I will educate students about entities that may be attached to their clients and the protocol for addressing it. We will discuss curses and hexes as well. Another practice period for the students will be provided. It will focus on learning how to remove unwanted "debris" from a person's field and chakras, as well as learn how to seal a leak of energy. Workshop fee is $150, or $125 if $50 deposit of cash or check is received by Saturday, September 21st. Please mail your check (payable to Alyssa McDowell) to 2724 Wade Hampton Blvd, SUITE D, Greenville SC 29615. Please remember to write "Suite D" on envelope or mail will not be delivered. Students must attend both days of class to graduate to Level 2 Reiki practitioner.

Energy Therapy Basics

My office

I've had a number of requests to teach a workshop of basic energy techniques, so here it is! In this workshop you will learn how to scan a person's energy, and feel the varying energies in every area of the body and chakras. You will learn the different sensory types and which one you might be. For example, you may feel things in your own body when around someone experiencing aches or digestive issues; or you may simple "know" things, but you can't explain how you know. Having clarity of your sensory type will help you to become a better energy practitioner. We will practice Donna Eden's revitalizing 5-minute daily energy routine and discuss the Celtic weave pattern and polarity of the body. The effects of balancing and restoring the energies of the body in this way can result in: Stress reduction (calms nervous system) Lessens the feeling of being overwhelmed Improves your immune system Helps you to feel more vibrant and energetic Improved ability to focus and concentrate Lifts exhaustion You will learn how to sense the edges of a person's aura, and reposition the aura into its correct place. We'll go over chakra basics too, and how these 7 main energy centers coordinate with the layers in the aura. This workshop is a good place to start for those who want to learn about energy therapy, and for those who didn't grasp the training they may have had in the past. Plus, there will be lots of hands on practice! Cost of 2-hour workshop is $45, or $35 if you prepay by October 1st. Please make checks out to Alyssa McDowell and mail to 2724 Wade Hampton Blvd, SUITE D, Greenville SC 29615. (Make sure to write Suite D on your envelope or it won't be delivered). --You can also drop off cash/check payment in an envelope through the mail slot in the office door-- I will also accept payment for this class through Meetup's WePay. Space is limited so don't wait to sign up!

Mastering the Spirit

My office

This is part 3 to the Reconstructing the Spirit workshops. ANYONE can join in, even if you haven't attended the other classes, as there's always something to learn every time we meet. In Mastering the Spirit, our journey to know our true selves and believe in ourselves continues. We will discuss the four stages of building self-esteem and where we each find ourselves getting "stuck." Loving and accepting ourselves and creating genuine confidence begins on the inside, although most people seek it on the outside. The secret to creating your best life and finding the peace you've always sought is believing in yourself. As before, there will be a guided meditation. In this one, you will be releasing any blocks existing in your back chakras (which are the unconscious part of you). That which impedes us in other dimensions affects us right now in this lifetime! Even if you feel you already have released some blocks, more can surface to be released later. You will learn about radiant circuits and how they can lift your spirits and restore your feeling of well-being. We will practice them so you can continue to do them on your own. This will help you to feel good about yourself and can lift sadness. Bring a notepad and pen/pencil with you and water. The fee for this workshop is $35 cash or check upon arrival.

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