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What we’re about

We are a 420-friendly group or you can call us a friendly 420 group - either way works. We get together and enjoy what nature has so graciously allotted for our special brain receptors. Then we discuss the big ideas of the day, play music, dance, recite poetry, listen to heady lectures or just hang out until whenever. 

If you're up to joining a new group (but unlike any of the other 288 you're a member of), then join this eclectic little group. We are very selective - only one in a hundred makes it. You'll see why once you read the rules: 

Rule #1.  No conservatives - Who the hell wants to hang out with conservatives?

Rule #2. No sports fanatics - Intelligent people don't get excited about sports.

Rule #3. No religious nuts - For reasons evident even to a not-so-precocious 5th grader.

Those are the only qualifications. The rest should request membership in this iconic group, because once we hit 420 members - no more. 

What to expect from this group? 

Don't expect anything - just like when you were born to your parents. 

But we might change the world. 

All this world needs is a bunch of smart people to get together, latch some THC to the cannabinoid receptors in their brains  , and then watch them go. 

That is the premise and promise of this group.