Sherlock Holmes and the Internet of Things: Meetup 2

This is a past event

20 people went

British Library Conference Centre

96 Euston Road, NW1 2DB · London

How to find us

Please ask for the Elliot Room at Reception.

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Special note: We are now signing up people on the waitlist. We are going to actively manage it, so if you are interested in attending, please still sign up!


After our successful first workshop at the British Library on Sherlock Holmes and the Internet of Things, we plan to have a working demo of a participatory crime scene game and a live link up with Spain in our next one.



Create rich CRIME CLUES that inspire great storytelling later in the evening.


The evening is run in 4 phases. The first 3 phases attempt to create storytelling objects in the form of crime scene clues. In the final, 4th phase, each team gets to craft a story from the mystery objects they find in their scene! Everyone will get to judge their favourite crime scene story!

At the last meetup there was some hesitation about “letting go” of the narrative. Think of the first three phases as...kind of like... the creation of storytelling dice. We’re creating objects/clues that will allow teams to tell a story using them.

How can I contribute to someone else’s success by creating an intriguing or exciting clue? Each clue should be a way to extend, rather than complete a story. How can I create great ingredients for a story?

Your clues will be used as storytelling props - make them rich in possible interpretations!


We will be splitting up into teams of 5 people. You can choose who you will be with.

The team roles are Registrar, Tagger, SOCO, Timekeeper and Liaison. Please choose a role and download the apps as appropriate!
The REGISTRAR - should have a laptop or ipad and will be responsible for entering crime clues into the online database
The TAGGER - has Android phone with NFC turned on and the Tag writer app loaded. They are responsible for writing the crime clues to NFC tags.
The SOCO (scene of crimes officer). This person has an Android phone and will need to install the “magnifying glass app” ­
The TIMEKEEPER to make sure the tasks are completed on time
The LIASION reports what other objects are being seen in the cloud ( ­). It might help if this person speaks English and Spanish :)

6pm - 6:45 Phase 1 - A World of Clues
GOAL: Create several of cloud-based objects. All objects will be shown here ­

Decide who will play the roles of Registrar (laptop/ipad person), Tagger (Android owner) and Soco (Android owner), Timekeeper and Liaison.

Each TEAM creates 3 crime scene clues

The team REGISTRAR enters the clues here ­

6:45 - 7:15 Phase 2 - Description Enhancement!
GOAL: Create clues with multiple alternative explanations/descriptions

Everyone logs into this page ­

A series of objects will be published by Robert and everyone will get 1 MINUTE per object to write a RICH DESCRIPTION of that object that will improve its storytelling capability. If you’re logged into ­ then the object will be pushed to your screen and you’ll see the object and the field to write a description.

Everyone then gets to 1 minute to vote on their favourite description. After you’ve entered your description sit tight and wait for the minute to expire! After 1 minute everyone gets to see all the descriptions and everyone gets to vote for their favourite (but not their own).

The most voted description will be added to the crime Object

Each description is a separate, alternative interpretation of the clue; a different perspective perhaps on how the clue might be used.

7:15 - 7:30pm Phase 3 - Create a Scene!
GOAL: QUICKLY Create a crime scene

Select clues from the world of clues ­ to create a rich crime scene

Draw a crime scene on the A3 paper and add the NFC tags were a clue should be

Each team TAGGER writes the object number to a NFC Tag

7:30pm - 8pm Phase 2 - Tell the Story
GOAL: Create a crime story from the crime scene

All teams swap their A3 paper crime scenes
Each team SOCO scans the clues ( (­) and the team tries to create an exciting or thoughtful story that explains the crime from the clues they’ve been given