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You like board games no matter the form? You wish to meet new people while doing something fun? Perhaps you want to discover new games? Or you're looking for players to try out that brand new game you just bought or to play this old one you love?

Whatever your reasons, welcome to International Board Gamers!

This page is the meetup group for the International Board Gamers association in Gothenburg. The purpose of the association is to meet new people and make friends, especially with people from various corners of the world. We do this by organizing events related to board games and tabletop games.

We organize gatherings once every week, alternatively on Fridays (18:00-22:00) and Sundays (15:30-20:00), to talk about board games in all their forms and of course to play the games we like! Any type is welcome: from those that only take 10 minutes to those that last several hours, co-operative and competitive, cards, strategy, hidden-role games, from those that are played with only two players to those that gather a whole crowd! These events are now free to join.

Note that the language of this group is English, both online and during our meetings, to ensure people from every horizon can participate.

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Playing board games in Kungsparken


Welcome to another outdoor event at Kungsparken with International Board Gamers!

There's still some good weather left before autumn sets in so we'd like to continue having outdoor events!

In case of bad weather, we will take shelter underneath some trees.

SAFETY MEASURES due to the pandemic: (it's not over yet!)
- We offer face masks and hand sanitizer for free, if or when you would like to use it
- We will have smaller groups sitting some distance apart.
- Naturally, if you feel any symptoms then please stay at home.

WHAT TO BRING: Please bring something to sit on (e.g., blanket). If you want to you can also bring a game you would like to play with others. Just remember that this event takes place outside and some games might be a bit complicated to play when it’s windy.

HOW TO FIND US: Walk along Nya Allén and look for us near Vasabron. If you come from Grönsakstorget, we're right on the other side of the bridge. Look for our roll-up saying “International Board Gamers,” go to that sign, and you will get a name tag and help to find game partners.

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Playing board games in Kungsparken


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