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What we’re about

This group is for you if you are not close to an in-person law of attraction group and want teleclasses  and discussion calls on law of attraction. We are International and Online - that means everyone is invited, no matter where you are located, anywhere in the world. Our teleclasses take place once a month at a US phone number. The only charge will be whatever your phone company charges you to call in.

We focus on living our bliss by going deep into the practices, techniques and concepts that help us align our vibe to our good. 

Come study, research, discuss and practice law of attraction to create joy, peace and abundance. Each time we meet, we will find more ways to practice and discover how the law is truly in line with all of our beliefs and our current reality. 


If you originally joined the Philadelphia group and you are looking for an in-person meetup, join us at:  We've been meeting twice a month for the past three years and would love to have you join us. It is fine to be a member of both meetups - one in-person, and one online.