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What we’re about

Meet up with other Expats in Paris, regardless of nationality, language, culture for get together evenings, events, activities & our famous "apero international"...

Expat or just new in town? English? American? Italian? Spanish? Australian? German? Russian? South American? etc. Interested in meetup & get together event, apero international, party, clubbing and many other ways to meet new international friends & develop your international social & business network?

Be part of the greatest international community in Paris. Party & Network together!!

Internationals In Paris is a social network uniting internationally orientated people who live in Paris.

Fabiano, Tom, Toto and Benoit organise weekly social events which attract young and successful expats, internationals and french internationally oriented from all walks of life and countries of the world.
With around 22000 members inside and outside meetup from a diverse range of countries the attractions of Internationals in Paris are the shared experiences and cultural openness of members which result in fun and friendly apero and many social events in Paris and the Ile de France region. First timers don't be shy and just come and join as our main focus is to help people get confident and enjoy by introducing them to other first then create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Internationals in Paris offers a large choice of interesting Parisian venues for our wide range of meetup and get together events : casual or trendy cocktail style apéro in brasseries, on very nice terrace & patio, in cool lounge, night bars, famous night clubs, restaurants, houseboat (with cruises), wine tasting session, even picnic etc...

Always the perfect centrally located venues to experience events & parties, language-exchange & cross cultural evenings, social get together, business networking for expatriate and MBA student, wine tasting, even soft dating.

Bubbles in the eyes and in the glass...

There is something for everyones tastes and needs as we gather a wide range of language, nationality and culture : let's have a talk with european from all horizons, folks coming from south and north america, near, middle and far east countries, maghreb and many arabic countries, pacific, africa, asia, india.

You will of course meet lots of members coming from UK (not only London ...), Ireland, Germany (Berlin and Munich + others), Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Greece as well as Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Romania etc. Latin America is mostly represented by people from Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico but we will be happy to welcome new members from Peru, Uruguay, Argentina ... USA & Canada get numerous members, Australia also. For Asia Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore are also well represented, as well as sometine even guys from Tibet ... Members from Russia and Ukrania are coming often, the same for a quite important group from all over India.

So get a sip of a small world gathered in a unique venue for a great moment where you will ear all around english, american (should be from NYC as well as texas, big mix), spanish (from Madrid Barcelona or other exotic spanish cities, catalan being spoken also), italian, russian, german, chinese, japanese, latin american, as well as polish and bulgarian or even persian ... Even if french and english are mostly used don't hesitate to ask the people to speak in their own language, they will love to exchange in their mother tongue with you.

So let's join that attractive mix of great folks from all horizons in one of most dynamic and friendly group by signing-up using the Subscription page.

Kind regards, and we look forward to seeing you soon in a welcoming and friendly venue and atmosphere.

Tom, Fabiano, Benoit & Toto

Internationals In Paris

What They Say About IT :

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"For Your Eyes Only" concept :

- we privatize the venue exclusively for Internationals In Paris members, the best way to ensure you to enjoy a great friendly international atmosphere, (without being just melted with others without the same international orientation)

- all our events gather a minimum of 100 International members from all walks of like and countries/culture/language creating a great dynamic while keeping it intimate enough to mingle around & make good connections or new friends

- we always ensure members to have benefits, with at least happy hour and finger food offered exclusively for you.

2 different types of events :

Network & Apero :

perfect for mingling around, chat with friends or meet new faces. Very friendly atmosphere, more intimate venues.

Network & Party :

2 hours to meet up, then party time all night long on the dance floor. Perfect for the ones willing to have fun and enjoy dancing all together