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What we’re about

We are a CLOSED, INVITATION ONLY GROUP. You can not request membership here. For information on membership and how to find a sponsor for you nomination, please visit our groups main website at

Again, this meetup is only open to existing and active members in good standing of "The Internet Oldtimers (A.K.A. "The O.T." or just "the oldtimers group")  Although The Internet Oldtimers has members all over the world, this particular meetup group is largely intended as a social extension of the group and it's activities around New York City and Tri-State area.

About The OT: The Internet Oldtimers has about 300+ members who have a vast array experience, some spanning more than 30 years in the interactive technology space. The purpose of the group is to allow members to share information on topical industry issues of the day within the context of the "long view." Our mission is to support the continued growth of the interactive space as a mutually beneficial medium for promotion and communication. 

For more information visit