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Communicating to Create Intimacy with Sarah Johnson
What stories are you telling yourself about Love? That you're life is full of love and you have everything you need? For many people there is a false story about not belonging. Would you like to spend an evening experiencing a different story, one of belonging, or feeling more deeply seen, accepted, and connected to others? Let's talk about love. Do you crave conscious community? Would you like to have richer, more authentic friendships? Exploring Intimacy is about creating an environment that supports experiences of opening our hearts to deeper connections. Spend time deepening your connection to yourself and others - in a safe, warm and welcoming environment. In a safe space, with boundaries and choice emphasized: • We invite you to experience new ways of expressing your truth and being received with empathy and compassion. • We share experiences and perspectives on the topic on the night, while consciously listening to a partner. • We invite you to engage with a partner of your choice and exchange nurturing, non-sexual touch. • Through reflection, magic may happen...masks may dissolve to reveal our common human-ness!! A HAI volunteer will lead you through a gentle series of exercises designed to open your heart and allow you to be more connected with others. In just a couple of hours you’ll discover how we’ve helped tens of thousands of participants (couples, singles, GLBTIQ) enhance their relationships and their lives. This MeetUp group is not a sexual group, and does not include sexual activity in our meetings. We aspire to broaden and expand the meaning (and the experience) of intimacy in an inclusive and holistic manner. When you show up you get to connect, relate, and experience what we jointly create here. Practice using powerful "I" statements, sharing perspectives, listening deeply and allowing all (or some) of your uniqueness, quirkiness and specialness to be seen, received and respected by others. You will also learn more about our weekend workshops which focus on: - Love, intimacy and sexuality - Connections, communication and being happy - Improving body image to improve your awareness love of yourself and others - Making the right heart choices for you - Finding love, being honest and creating emotional intimacy At the end of the event you will be invited to register at a substantial discount for one of our weekend workshops. As with any true invitation, you can accept or decline the invitation with no pressure. We honor your choices. LOGISTICS: Each event begins promptly at the scheduled time. Please arrive at a little early so you can settle in, register and meet a few folks before we begin promptly. There will be no admittance after the scheduled start time so as not to break the continuity of the workshop. There is plenty of on-street parking. You can also RSVP and find other events here: We look forward to seeing you there! Even if you've been to a mini-workshop before, please join us again! There's no limit to how many you can attend!

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79 Allen Street · Arlington, MA

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Want to feel more love in your life?

Everyone deserves to live lives filled with love and loving connections. It’s really that simple.

No matter how much love you already have in your life, or how little, our workshops will help you to have more. Too often, our life experiences cause us to be wary of intimacy, or not know how to connect.

This Meetup group is dedicated to teaching you the very necessary communication skills that you need to live a more fulfilling, heart-connected life.

At our free mini-workshops, we create a safe environment that encourages stepping into the flow of intimacy. Give yourself richer friendships, warmer family dynamics and extraordinary depth in all your connections. Open to a world of joy and connection and allow yourself to naturally and comfortably express your heartfelt love and intimacy.

The end result? You will feel free to express yourself fully, receive others in a loving way and have the very best in communication skills (the most vital ingredient to creating lasting love!). Join us!


• Express yourself in ways that draw people to you. They will want to know you better.

• Be present with yourself and others, creating an interpersonal dynamic that provides safety and love.

• Feel confident when reaching out to meet someone new.

• Effortlessly create fun and easy connections with people.

• Create conversations that flow easily and naturally.

• Be your authentic self and let others truly see you.

Join this experiential Meetup and you'll be on your way to more Intimacy and love in your life!

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