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What we’re about

This community is for the quiet, reserved, sometimes shy, inward-driven, reflective, who identify as introverted, highly sensitive, or empath, or all of the above.

We listen more than we talk.

We think before we speak.

We prefer emailing and texting to picking up the phone.

We are mistakenly perceived as antisocial or not engaged and are often told to speak up more.

Let's create a community where we can be ourselves AND flourish in life, work and business without having to pretend to be who we are not.

If you're on FB, do join us here for conversations about introvert-related topics.


(1) This is not a dating group. Please do not DM members randomly as it makes some of us feel uncomfortable and unsafe and can create unnecessary stress and misunderstandings. There is a time and a place for everything.

(2) As mature individuals, we take 100% responsibility for our own wellbeing, health and safety when signing up to events.

If unwell, stay home and rest. There is always another event.

If uncertain about the fitness level involved in an activity, please DM the organizer to have a chat about your concerns.

(3) The organizer may take group photos randomly during events for purposes of spreading awareness on social media about introversion and our community. This is how the community grows. If you have concerns about appearing in photos, please let the organizer know at the event.

P.S. If you enjoy podcasts, do check out The Quiet Warrior podcast, which addresses the myths and stereotypes around introversion, the struggles and strengths of introverts, and features guest experts from different fields of expertise.

Serena Low (Organizer)
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