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Do you have an interest in Tarot? Would you like to meet others interested in Tarot? If so, this group is for you! It doesn't matter if you're just curious, a beginner or an experienced Tarot Card Reader. Our group is committed to providing an open, safe, supportive and professional environment to learn and discuss all things related to Tarot. We are committed to being respectful, courteous and kind to all. Come join us at our next meetup and have a great time! Meet fellow Tarot Card Readers and other people interested in tarot in your area! Come to a local Tarot Meetup for fun and to talk about the Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, the Fool, Swords, Batons, Coins, Cups -- anything to do with Tarot!

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gets an insight on the group!!! & its going

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Dunkin Donuts

Learning on how to make Spreads for Tarot Reading !!!

flat No.26, 5th floor, Bhaveshwar Niketan, opp. cele Jor

This meetup is for passionate beginners or anyone who would like to learn

flat No.26, 5th floor, Bhaveshwar Niketan, opp. cele Jor

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