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Inventors Roundtable Monthly Meeting on 4th Monday at 7:00 EDT.
Meeting Link:
Join by Phone: (US) +1 862-930-5763‬ PIN: ‪481 816 327‬#

It works best if I send you the calendar invite to your email, so send me your email if you haven't received it already.

Don't forget to join us on Monday.  We are going to be talking about the many challenges of marketing. It works best if I send you the calendar invite to your email, so send me your email if you haven't received it already.

Also, if you can get or you want to MAKE SURE you can join us, email me at The emailed link seems to work better than anything else.
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We have lots to discuss:
Invent America Radio program is doing well across the US focuses on helping all independent inventors out there get through the inventing process successfully. Our first recording was done on October 2022 and airs every weekend on about 200 radio stations across America. Join us on the show by going to the Inventor Lady site and completing the form.

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See you Monday.

The NEW Inventors Roundtable Virtual East meetings are available to anyone and everyone who would like to consider developing a new product but can't get to or don't want to get into an urban meeting. The Inventors roundtable is a long standing Inventor group for mentoring and funding options. The IRT is a safe secure and free virtual meeting to help get all inventors from spending money to making money.

The Inventors' Roundtable is sponsored by Invent America Radio and The Inventor Lady. We will meet virtually which means you can join us from anywhere. No more traffic, no more bad parking and lots of good information.

I will post the virtual link on this site before each meeting so just follow the link from here.

So what makes us different and better: we don't do speakers. There are, at least, a dozen or more group meetings a month where you can hear a speaker. We answer questions, give resources and get you to the next step. Our events focus on the questions and challenges of the attending inventors. We are working to help inventors understand what needs to be done to get a product from your first inspiration to the marketplace. The meetings are open to all inventors. Service providers are by invitation only.

Our meetings are open forums where inventors can ask questions and work through inventing issues. Seasoned inventors and service providers are there to offer assistance and solutions.

Topics of discussion are decided by the questions asked by the attendees and normally range from "I have an idea and don't know what to do" to "I need help selling my product." The meetings are free and there is no membership required.

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