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What we’re about

This group is dedicated to people developing native applications for the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or any iOS device (including Mac apps). 

Membership is free. If you would like to give back, please consider presenting on something you are passionate about it interested in. As a business who values this community, we'd love to have your support as well. Time and people are more valuable than money so be creative

Please see our meeting events for more information as to what, when and where.

If you live or work in the North Atlanta suburbs, check out the North Atlanta iOS Developers Group but please join our community, as well, and stay abreast of the events, discussions, community and technology happening in-town.

We're glad your here.  Don't just ride the wave, make a splash.

Email list policy:

Jobs: To post gigs, jobs or availability, please use our Google Group: (

The message board / mailing list on meet up is strictly for advice and discussion about developing apps.  Any aspect of app development, including business topics, is fair game.  Recruiting for or seeking opportunities is definitely part of our goal as a developer group but we have to be careful not to let that interfere with other valuable interactions.  Therefore, job posts to the technical mailing list will be deleted and may result in being banned.  We would rather not ban you, so don't do it :)