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The Internet of Things (IoT) brings connectivity to about every "thing" or "object" found in the physical space. Or at least, it extends connectivity to everyday objects. From connected cars, fridges, medical devices and cities, the IoT creates opportunities in almost all the market verticals. However, this increase in connectivity creates enormous security challenges.

Indeed, are your sensitive data generated by IoT well protected? what data is considered sensitive ? what about your privacy ? what type of attacks could be done on IoT ? what if your IoT device is lost or stolen ? What about safety issues ? What about the lack of industry standards ? the lack of security evaluation frameworks ? and the lack of skilled people ? and last but not least how consumers will be able to trust an IoT device ?

This group is for professionals from all over the world of all skills and backgrounds who are interested in bringing trust to the IoT ecosystem.

We will be showing (online or f2f) the latest security innovations in IoT, the state of the art security threats and challenges, link-up with IoT events, standardization working groups.

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