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Artificial Intelligence Yourself with Google Voice Kit
• Event Tickets • What we'll do ? Google AIY Projects brings do-it-yourself artificial intelligence (AI) to the maker community. AIY Projects is a series of open-source designs that demonstrate how easy it is to add AI to your projects. We are thrilled to present the very first IoT workshop this year, a kit that lets you explore voice recognition and natural language understanding. You will build a cardboard device that uses the Google Assistant to answer questions, like “how far away is the moon?” or “what is 18 percent of 92?”. Then you will learn how to add voice commands to your own projects. For example, you can register commands, such as “turn the lights on” or “robot, turn right and move forwards”. In the kit, included a microphone, a speaker, and an accessory board called Voice HAT, that is loaded with breakout pins to wire up a variety of sensors and components. You can’t wait for build intelligent devices that solve real-world problems and share them back to the community using the #IoTGeeks #Makerspace #AIYProjects hashtag on social media. Voice kit is a fantastic way to add voice control to your projects, and start exploring what’s possible with AI. • Agenda - AIY Projects: Voice kit overview - Assemble the Kit - Setup the voice assistant software - Build a voice Recognizer - Create a voice user interface - Smart home Hands-On • What to bring Laptop + Passion for Artificial Intelligence hands-on

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We offer IoT Training at Chennai through monthly workshops to students, professionals and for entrepreneurs.

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