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Do It Yourself 3D Printer | 3D Design | 3D Scanning | 3D Printing
Workshop Ticket: Why should I attend this workshop ? Technologies are emerging everyday. Past decade there have been countless technological innovations that have had a major impact on the world. Arguably one of the most monumental has been the invention of the 3D printer, a device that can create real, tangible 3D objects in real-time based on the details from a digital design. Today, there are many types of 3D printers, and each type uses different materials to print including plastics, metals, ceramics, and more (including food!). If you are interested in how 3D printing is being used today and how the technology has made an impact on society the join this workshop. At the end we will teach you what it takes to became a Digital Maker! Workshop Agenda: 10:30 AM- Meet & Greet 11:00 AM - 3D Printing Overview 11:30 AM - 3D Printer Assembly: Do It Yourself 12:00 PM - 3D CAD Modeling Hands-on 01:30 PM - Lunch Break 02:00 PM - 3D Scanning for 3D Printing (You can scan yourself) 04:30 PM - 3D Printing Continued 05:00 PM - Wrap-up Take Away: A New making skill, 3D Printed Selfie & 3D printed Name Keychain

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    To be the world’s most innovative group for people interested in the design and construction of Internet of Things (IoT) electronics devices

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    Introduce people who have little or no experience in electronics to this exciting and highly topical hobby. Meet at least once a month, share ideas and knowledge about electronics, facilitate the construction of some devices will be useful at home & make our lives better.


    Students: While at schools/college, opportunity to learn from pros

    Geeks: Share Ideas, knowledge and give to help others

    Aspirants: Come and learn what you are passionate about

    Entrepreneur: Find talents, promote ideas and support for this community growth

    As a Team: Let us build a strong community, explore and make dreams into reality

    We offer IoT Training at Chennai through monthly workshops to students, professionals and for entrepreneurs.

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