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IoT Users Club is a Not-to-Profit organization started to build the IoT Eco System in Hyderabad in collaboration with Rudra Innovations.

This is a group for anyone interested in Internet of Things (IoT), Electronics, Ardunio,Raspberry pi, Robotics etc.

All skill levels are welcome.

Looking forward in exploring the technology with everybody in the IoT and Electronics Space.

Club supports the people in pursuing their Idea to Product.

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moz://a Web of Things

Needs a location

WebThings from Mozilla is an open platform for monitoring and controlling devices over the web “Web of Things” (WoT) is an effort for creating a decentralized Internet of Things by giving Things URLs on the web to make them linkable and discoverable, and defining a standard data model and APIs to make them interoperable. It is not just another vertical IoT technology stack to compete with existing platforms but is a unifying horizontal application layer to bridge together multiple underlying IoT protocols. The "Web of Things" is built on existing, proven web standards REST, HTTP, JSON, WebSockets and TLS which helps to form a bridge with existing devices so that it can communicate with any device irrespective of the vendor. The future of connected devices should be more like the open web. The future should be decentralized, and should put the power and control into the hands of the people who use those devices. Agenda Introduction to WebThings Developing devices to integrate with WebThings Demo For more information visit https://iot.mozilla.org/

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