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We are on a mission to create the next generation of Digital Creators 🚀.
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The Great Wave off Innovation: A New Approach to Entrepreneurship

Have you ever stopped to think about the true meaning of innovation? We talk about it all the time in the tech industry, and it’s what many c-suite executives are looking for from their teams. Innovation dictates the future of the tech used by millions, and also how billions of dollars get invested. So obviously, it’s a pretty important topic to wrap your head around.

Join us on 18th of May at 18:00H CET, for a special session: The Great Wave of Innovation: A New Approach for Entrepreneurs

Ironhack’s Director of New Business and former Chief Innovation Officer, Carlos Guardiola, will give you a fresh perspective on the meaning of innovation. From the way ancient Greek philosophers analyzed human needs, to the way marketing was defined in the 80s, this topic will open your mind and have you thinking outside the box.

Ironbeers Amsterdam Tech Drinks @ Campus 🇳🇱

TNW West

🇳🇱 Welcome to #Ironbeers Amsterdam!

Ironbeers is a gathering of tech enthusiasts and professionals hosted by Ironhack Amsterdam!

We are a community of tech enthusiasts, professionals, current students and alumni getting together to create meaningful connections. We welcome everyone from different backgrounds and tech careers from the curious to the expert.

At Ironhack we believe that the best way to succeed in tech is learn and connect in real life. So, we’re putting on the next generation of Amsterdam tech community events.

Join us for regular drinks on our monthly mix, and be part of special events full of inspiring guests, tips, hacks and learning. Connect and partner with us for future events!


Event details

📍 Where: TNW West, Kon. Wilhelminaplein 1, 1062 HG Amsterdam
🗓 When: Thursday May 19th, 17:30h
🍻 What: Casual Drinks for people in tech!

Ps, beers are on us ;)

Please RSVP here



EP4: UX & Sustainable Web | I’MPULSE Sessions: Design By Nature 🍃

Episode 4: UX & Sustainable Web

Our fourth episode, taking place on 19th May at 18.00CET, will focus on the topic of UX & Sustainable Web. Our reality today walks hand in hand with digital and information systems which are inherently defining our perceived reality.

While you are reading these lines, you have indirectly and unknowingly used a huge quantity of water and energy. Each download of one gigabyte of data requires 200 liters of water. Water is needed to cool the massive data servers that search engines and websites use to power their internet services. These facilities also consume electricity at an astonishing rate.

The digital information era redefined our way of being, doing and interacting with each other and our environment. Improving and facilitating our daily lives, communication, navigation, and all sorts of journeys brought loads of fun to our lives but also an invisible environmental footprint increase. This increase in resource consumption will have a negative affect on our overall well being in the long run.

Thankfully life centered approach and Design by Nature embedded in UX and web development, now proposes a sustainable approach in handling and constructing our websites and digital worlds, and as such creating positive impact in our lives. Existing models need to be re-thought and thankfully we have great examples to learn from. In this session we will look to Green and sustainable UX/UI design for creation of sustainable web practice. We will learn from practical examples and see detailed steps on how to contribute for better UI/UX which results in positive impact creation through the whole life cycle of the service.

Structure of the session:

✅ Introducing Design by nature and life-centered principles
✅ Getting to know the speaker and company focusing on sustainable UX/UI business
✅ Conversation around UX & Sustainable Web between curator Laura Korčulanin and invited speaker
✅ Dos and don’ts in the UX research practice, with concrete business examples
✅ Q&A from audience to the speakers

I’MPULSE sessions: design by nature, are monthly sessions inspired by nature’s driven principles for design practice. I’MPULSE sessions are going to pulse inspiration from leading examples and experts in the design sector who are using a life-centered approach in their UX research and overall design approach.

If you care about sustainability and you're interesting in the future of design, then these sessions are for you!

[FREE WORKSHOP] Build your first web app in 2 hours

Needs a location

Learn the basics of Javascript and build your first web app in 2 hours! This workshop is designed for beginners, no need for prior knowledge in web development, only motivation!

💬 Speakers
Malcolm Kente - Tech Lead @ Ask Phill

📝 Program

  • Build a landing page using semantic HTML with a mobile first mindset
  • Style it to match the latest trends and aesthetics using modernCSS
  • Deploy it to a cloud provider so that it’s reachable by anyone in the world


🔑 Key Information
📆 . Wednesday, May 25th 2022
⏱ 17:30h-19.30h
🇬🇧 This is an English speaking workshop (with a hint of Dutch as back up;)
📍 In person at Ironhack Amsterdam - TNW West, Kon. Wilhelminaplein 1 Amsterdam
️❗️ Registration required
💻 Bring your laptop

👉 Book your seat now https://bit.ly/AMS_WD
(limited seats available)


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