What we're about

Official homepage: https://israelweb3.com/
Discord Support Group: https://discord.gg/YnpgKfcyyW

Discuss and network to meet likeminded israeli developers interested in developing and coding web3 projects, smart contracts and related technologies.

What it is NOT:
This is NOT a group relating to crypto investment or NFT/Token speculation - it is about the underlying techon0logy and what it can enable.

The group is intended for developers and architects working on web3 decentralized projects both frontend and backend (smart contracts, zero knowledge platforms and more).

Meet and greet, network, discuss and learn from each other about specific technical topics or overall trends in web3.

Upcoming events (2)

Web3 Dev Underground Community Meetup 4/2023

Lyft building

We're still looking for speakers
if you want to take part please reach out to [masked]

Thanks to Coti for sponsoring the event

Web3 Dev Underground Community Meetup 5/2023- TLV Blockchain Week Edition

We're looking for sponsors and speakers, if you'd like to take part please reach out to [masked]

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