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The Edmonton Italian Speakers Meetup provides the space to practice speaking and listening to Italian. Whether you are a beginner student wanting to learn, advanced speaker desiring to practice, or travelling to Italy, you will be able to practice. Involvement of all levels of speakers will help everyone get better. Whenever possible, the meetup will be organized around Italian culture, so as to immerse members not only in the language, but all things Italian. Benvenuto al gruppo italiano degli altoparlanti di Edmonton!

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Il Giardino di Michaelangelo, Potluck Picnic

13915 90 St NW

Let's squeeze summer down to the last drop with this picnic festa at Michaelangelo's. Not only will you enjoy the garden, the social gathering, the sharing of food, but you'll enjoy the Italian language immersion, both conversational and music. Some mystery guests may also show up! Surprises surprises.

His garden is in full bloom and all of the vegetables are growing like crazy. Here's the scoop for this picnic in the garden.

1. Michaelangelo will do a brief cooking demonstration on preparing fresh tabouli salad, which originates from the East Med. This will be in English and Italian. THIS WILL BE live via the Zoom link below at 6:30PM.


2. This will be a potluck + BYOV (bring your own vino); only responsible drinking is permitted. POST your potluck item as a COMMENT so others know what your bringing.
3. A BBQ is available for use for meats/sausage to be grilled
4. Paper plates, cups, cutlery will be supplied. Juice beverages will be made available as well.
5. Some covered / non-covered seating is available
6. AHS regs will be followed, as applicable; if you’re not comfortable with he potluck (i.e. sharing something), then by all means bring your own panino or other.
7. As with most outdoor events, this one will be weather dependent; watch for a comment around 5:00PM if it’s a go or not.
8. Barring anyone with mobility requirements, kindly park vehicles along the school yard across the street.

Yes! Let’s give one cheer for summer! Let’s give another for team Italia, recent Euro Cup winners! Heck let’s give one more for good food and good company.

Become a Time Traveler! Un'Avventura con i Primi Italiani di Alberta, North

Italian Centre Shop Cafe, Little Italy

Save the date! Take an overnight all-inclusive trip and reconnect with the adventurous spirit of the first Albertan Italians of Northern Alberta.

This trip and tour, which is being pioneered (pun intended) and inspired by Adriana Davies book From Sojourners to Citizens: Alberta's Italian History, is going to itself make history, as we time travel to meet those first Italians.


-Catch the motor coach, complete with all amenities
-Mini-talks by Adriana Davies throughout the trip
-Celebrate Harvest Days Festival in Venice-Hylo (a festa with a feast)
-Historical Tour of Venice
-Storytelling by members of the founding families
-Opportunities to visit the Lac La Biche Museum, Mission, and other points of interest during a one (1) night layover in Lac La Biche at a hotel
-Free time to explore Lac La Biche and area: walk, hike, bike, kayak, canoe, or whatever.
-Detour to Plamondon to learn about other first Europeans, namely French communities, including the Little Chapelle, museum, and mini-homestead village.
-Naples, IT is the start of the Appian Way, but Naples, AB is the second last stopover.
-Historical tour and walk about in Naples
-All roads lead to…Edmonton; back at home base.
-All transport, food, tastings (vino / other), entry fees/donations, entertainment venues, guide, and lodging will be included: pazzo I know.

-Final details, including itinerary, costs, schedule, and other will be posted shortly upon confirmation; space will be limited.

A piu tardi…

La Cura Meetup, Solidarieta. Insieme. Un mano!

Italian Centre Shop Cafe, Little Italy

A meetup is being scheduled in anticipation of the cure of COVID-19. This is a symbolic meetup that is being scheduled at an arbitrary future date, but will permit us to post messages to communicate with one another. When the cure is found, we will have a celebration like no other. This 'channel' can be used for material and important communication. Examples include:

a. Requests for Volunteerism or Charity
b. Willing Volunteers with Resources to Help or Share

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