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Ciao a Tutti! This is one of our regular meetings! If you are learning Italian and want to practice speaking, this meeting is for you! We are at all different levels, here. The important thing to is come to a meeting and don't worry about making mistakes! Speak! Are you a beginner with Italian or would you like some resources for learning on your own? Visit our resources page ( Also, please read our group policies (! Questa riunione è per le persone che stanno imparando l'italiano o l'inglese e vogliono esercitarsi a parlare. Benvenutti al Gruppo e non ti preoccupare di fare errori! Parla!

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NOTE: This is a large group - don't let the RSVP list fool you. We average between 15 and 20 people a session and there are people at ALL levels from beginner to advanced. When you come to the group seek out the people at your level. E parla!

Ciao a Tutti!

You've studied enough! Now it's time to start speaking! Yes, it's the hardest part, but it's also the most fun. You get to make new friends while you master the beautiful Italian language. Come, grab a cup of coffee and speak Italian in a relaxed setting with other learners. Everyone here is learning - there's no pressure.

Are you a beginner? Don't worry! We were all there once! Check out our recommended resources ( for beginners. These recommendations are how many of us personally learned to speak so we know these work!

Please read our group policies (! We are very easy-going here, but there are just a few rules that we feel are really important.

Want to be really cool? Sing along with some modern Italian music and actually KNOW all the words! How? Visit for study sheets and translations of popular songs in Italy now (and some classics). Watch short videos with transcripts to help you develop your ear and get some learning advice. Sign up to get new posts directly to your inbox and help us keep in touch. ( We HATE spam. Your email is safe is with us.

Join us on Facebook! ( Converse with others learning Italian (and a few Italians learning English!)

Welcome to the group! And don't worry about making mistakes! Parla!

Parli italiano? Vuoi migliorare il tuo inglese? O forse vuoi semplicemente rilassarti un po' e parlare la tua madrelingua? Vieni. Parla con noi. Abbiamo bisogno di persone come te!

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