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Who will be the new Italian President?

Accademia イタリア語学校


Every month, we organize a meeting based on last month's Italian news. A fun way to learn about what's happening in Italy, what's hot, what's happening in Europe, politics, music, opera, football, fashion...
We will watch videos with explanations and get to know more about the current affairs in Italy.
We will use Italian, Japanese and English, so that even who does not speak Italian will be able to partecipate in the discussion.

This time, among other topics, we will focus on...

The new President of the Republic
On 24 January, the Italian Parliament will begin a vote among around 1,000 deputies and senators to elect the new President of the Republic, to replace Sergio Mattarella.
This is an important election to choose the person who represents Italy, the commander-in-chief of the country, that will last until 2029.
In recent years, the Italian President of the Republic has become a decisive figure in the political situation of the country.

For this kind of election, sometimes it takes a few days, sometimes the President is elected immediately.
We will look at who will be elected, or, of none is still elected, who the candidates are. The candidate with the best chance is the actual prime minister, Mario Draghi. Will he win?

Coffee or cappuccino will be offered.

イタリアニュースを開催します! イタリアで今起きていること、話題になっていること、ヨーロッパで問題になっていること、政治・音楽・オペラ・サッカー・ファッションなど・・・について楽しく学びます。解説付きでvideo映像を見ながら、イタリアの時事問題についての知識を深めましょう。

今回のItalia Newsのテーマは...

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