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What is ITF (International Tennis Freaks)?

Home - 福岡のテニスサークルITF Tennis club in Fukuoka (itf-s.com) ( https://itf-s.com/ )

Place for everyone to enjoy tennis and international communication all around the world!


We are based in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka, and We will expand our tennis community throughout the world eventually!


About the Membership

You can join our events as a drop-in participant, but strongly suggested to join our membership which allows you to find the real joy of life! By joining our membership, you will immediately become friend with all the members within ITF all over the world!!



Your Benefit -Six reason why you need ITF  -ITFのメンバーであるべき6つの理由

①You can share a wealth of time with international, diverse, and humane tennis friends at multiple locations throughout the world.

② While playing tennis, you can naturally come into contact with English and other languages around the world.
③ There are lots of fun events such as drinking parties, morning activities in English, outdoor activities, and training camps!
④ You can participate in the tournaments as a team
⑤ Members can take the initiative in circle management and event planning, and can improve effective management ability, planning ability, cooperation, etc. in business situations. Depending on the content of the event, members can also generate profits. The representative will provide maximum support to the event organizer for the smooth operation of the event.
⑥ Granting the right to use ITF Racket Shop Benefit There are various benefits from partner companies!
・ You can buy tennis equipment cheaply (new and used)
・ Discount on catgut charges and catgut delivery support
(You can put up a catgut without taking it to the store)
・ Reasonable custom-made lessons by a professional coach are available

ITFメンバーのメリット -ITFのメンバーであるべき理由 ※③、⑥、⑦は月会費メンバーのみ

⑤チームで試合に出場できる これ、めちゃ盛り上がります☆
⑦ITF’s Benefitの利用権の付与(月会費メンバーのみ)提携先企業からの多様な特典あり!

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