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We talk tech with Ithaca area professionals and enthusiasts. Most of us work with the web, but other geekery is welcome!

Monthly presentations are scheduled via our Trello board (https://trello.com/invite/b/oRS3Qyj0/1f1461479d8a1d1d2ab6b14fd4fb25df/ithaca-web-people-talks) and discussed on our Slack team (https://join.slack.com/t/ithacawebpeople/shared_invite/enQtNDM1OTIzNDA2MzkwLTNjOTk2ZGFlMGE4YTg3MTc1MjM4MmI2ZWZjMzUzZTAxMDRiYTM4OTY5ZjE2YTZlMDkyZTlmZDY0NTFjZjdlNmY).

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Code Review and Elevator Automation

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Happy Summer!

Note that the first Monday is July 4, so our first non-holiday Monday (the day of our meetup) is July 11.

In June, we showed and telled solutions to both parts of Advent of Code's puzzle #4 in JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and C#. Then we wrote a solution to part 1 of puzzle #5 together using TypeScript.

For July, we were lucky enough to receive a PR for puzzle #5 part 2, so we'll start off with a group code review of those changes. After that, we'll continue working on our Elevator Saga algorithm and see if we can efficiently get more corporate sellout drones to their destination floors.

6:00pm = socializing
6:15pm = welcome, announcements
6:30pm = AoC code review
7:00pm = Elevator Saga

Hope to see you there!

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