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We love wild things of all description, and we love to share knowledge about plants that we hope will help us grow and be healthy - physically, emotionally and spiritually. So, if you want to get together, get outside, and learn about wild-growing edible and medicinal plants, or just want to know what weeds in your garden can be put to good use in your kitchen, join us for guided wild-weed-walks, foraging excursions, wild herbal workshops, and other courses. Learn how to make your own herbal remedies and about safe, responsible, and sustainable foraging. And meet local foragers who will share your enthusiasm and their recipes and harvesting locations!

We have recently created a meetup group for the Toronto area, with more foraging and herbal walks, events and workshops - visit here (http://www.meetup.com/Itsawildthingtoronto/) for this information. If you wish to learn more about who I am, visit here (http://www.meetup.com/itsawildthing/about/).

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We have a website (http://itsawildthing.com)(in progress... but might be ready when you check). Take a look for our upcoming blog and homemade herbal products, like the awesome finishing salts made with locally foraged herbs, shown below.

*Some events are free; others will carry a fee, but, we do have a sliding scale fee-system for those who might need a bit of help to come out and join us. Just email Jennie to discuss. The idea is to be empowered and included, and work together for awareness and impact!

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Final Herbal Antibiotics Study Group & Pot Luck - Day-trippers welcome!

This is the last class of our 5-class Herbal Antibiotics, Part II. Those who are completing the whole series (Parts 1 & II) have studied a whopping 60 hours of hands-on herbal antibiotics wisdom with me - many hours spent identifying, learning about and lovingly gathering herbs outside, as well as processing herbal remedies together in our "home laboratory" (Thanks again, Carmen!). What an incredible journey of discovery and skill-sharing! In this final session, we'll decant our herbal oils, reserving some for use as ear-drops and the rest as a base for making our healing salves. We also must complete our last tincture - the amazing Red Root - and pour off and label up our previous herbal remedies, if that has not been completed at home. We will collect and measure out the herbs required for the Nasal Spray and put them together so they are ready when you next need to make an infusion - or package up to give as a gift. And, to wrap up our hands-on part of the day, we will test out the willow corticosteroid cream which I am making and which you all helped gather bark for. It's just simply far too fiddly to actually prepare it in class, considering it takes two weeks to cook and then has to be watched it doesn't burn in the last few minutes of cooking... At any rate, it will be a fun and full day, as usual. Day-trippers (drop-in guests) are welcome to join us and see what our excitement and passion for wild herbs is all about! But there's more - we'll celebrate our herbal journey and kinship with a joyful pot-luck - so bring something to share for our little feast. It doesn't necessarily have to be wild food, and it doesn't have to be home-made (not everyone loves to cook, I do understand!)... but may I ask that what you contribute reflects something about yourself, what we have learned together, or an idea you'd like to share? We will meet at Carmen's. See the list below for what to bring. **Please check your Meetup Messages on the eve before and/or the morning of the event in case of any changes!** * I have automatically RSVP'd for all our regular students. If you cannot make it, please update your RSVP so we know. UPDATED "TO-BRING" LIST: - clean, shallow glass or metal containers with tight-fitting lids - suitable for our salve to go in OR a regular mason-type jar for storing the salve in bulk form if you prefer - Beeswax and Coconut Oil (I will update on the amounts - you can use old beeswax candles if they are clean) - Nasal Spray bottle (reuse an old one, buy a new one, or buy a spare from me) (if you are a Day-Tripper and don't have these, don't worry!) - One bottle of vodka (or apple-cider vinegar, or glycerine) for tinctures - Clean mason jar, quart-sized or larger, with tight-fitting lid - labels, tape, scissors - small kitchen scale, if you have one to share - good to have cutters of some kind on hand - Notebooks, writing utensils, - Bag-lunch and snacks, water, and perhaps hot water in a thermos - Your pot-luck contribution! - ...and any questions or ideas to discuss, share, inform or ask. (stay tuned in case of additions to this list)

Making Amadou from Tinderbox Fungus - the Otzi Ice Man's Fire-Starter

Join me in learning how to make Amadou, an amazing material that humankind has relied upon for warmth and light since the dawn of time, as testified by the discovery of the 5,300 year-old hunter, the Otzi Man of the Otztal Alps, whose mummified body was found in a glacier near the Austro-Italian border in 1991. Using ancient technology, modern tools, and a little elbow-grease, we'll prepare Amadou from the Tinderbox Fungus, and learn how to use it to capture, harness and transport fire. We will also talk about the uses and medicines of other mushrooms that can be found and harvested in winter - Birch Polypore, Reisinous Polypore, and Turkey Tail. From fire-starter to fire-mover, from medicine to bandages, to felt for mittens and hats - the Tinderbox Fungus is one amazing mushroom! What you need: * A good quality carving knife and be comfortable using it. * A piece of old leather to use as a leg-shield (or bring an old leather jacket) * Something to carry your Amadou home in - a small jar, paper bag, an envelope or a fabric- or leather pouch. * A thermos of hot water/tea/coffee * A hearty snack (not in plastic packaging that can blow away, pls) * If you use reading glasses, you'll need them for this! * Notebook, camera, pen if you like * DRESS WARMLY! Layer up, and wear footwear that will keep your toes warm. Snow pants and "hot-shots" to toss into your mittens would be wise. We expect to have a small campfire, but please dress to be warm and comfortable so you can enjoy the work we do together. We can't control the weather! Note - Soon after RSVP'ing, you'll receive a meetup-message with my email (Use the email for an e-transfer payment, or to discuss payment options with me). Those who have RSVP'd but not yet made payment will be put on the waiting list until they have a chance to pay. Paid members will be moved back to RSVP'd status, with their space reserved. This is to make sure those who are able to come have a space, and those who reserve show up! It's first come first severed - Thank you! - Jennie

Free Draw for bottle of Purica Complete 360, Stress Relief & Immune Support

Draw will be held at: How to Make Amadou from Tinderbox Fungus - the Otzi Ice Man's Fire-Starter. Free draw for those attending that event. Here is link to rsvp for that event. https://www.meetup.com/itsawildthing/events/257122324/ BENEFITS The ingredients in Complete 360 can: Reduce your stress level and help you relax Increase energy and youthful vibrancy Help your body’s defence against germs and viruses Increase libido Help you sleep better Improve your memory and brainpower Help your body fight free radical action Prevent/reduce adrenal fatigue Complete 360 lives up to its name—the full circle of natural, organic support that your body and mind respond to in positive ways, bringing about the pleasures of optimal health and balanced living. ACTIONS Ashwagandha (SENSORIL) Improves energy Reduces stress Balances the body Agaricus Enhances immune response Detoxify Reduces stress Red reishi Stress relief Mood calming Sleep support Maitake Anti-viral Immune building Antioxidant Lion’s mane Memory support Boost brainpower Mental clarity Chaga Antioxidant Support (SOD) Age defying Immune Support Shiitake Immunmodulating Natural source of B complex Antioxidant Cordyceps Adrenal exhaustion Athletic performance Energy & libido boost Turkey tail (Coriolus) Immune building Natural source of Vitamin D Eases infection. OVERVIEW 360 degrees of optimal health A synergistic blend of Ashwagandha and eight medicinal mushrooms to support immunity, strengthen the body’s response to stress and optimize health. PURICA® Complete 360 will help you manage stress, while improving your immunity, sleep and brainpower. It’s the perfect formulation for a balanced lifestyle and optimized health. https://purica.com/products/complete-360-100g-powder/

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