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Are you contemplating that perhaps our earth may actually be flat? Are you realizing the globe model is not accurate to describe our physical world? Us too! Is it blowing your mind and making you wonder so many things? Would you enjoy meeting other people having similar realizations?

Let's get out there under our, possibly much closer than previously thought, sun and moon and discuss our musings in person. We don't all have to agree on exactly what the true shape of the world is, what it means or what we should do about it. But we can celebrate and support each other's burgeoning curiosity and willingness to question. And who knows what this new community might lead to, it is our flat earth after all.

We welcome the slightly curious - to the it's flat it's flat it's flat -ers. We also welcome friends and family of flat earthers who do not question the globe model but are accepting of the flat earth views of their loved ones. We seek to be a community where flat earth talk is safe and not disparaged. We know this is a tender time to admit to having these ideas but also a wonderful time of realization and discovery.

All perspectives welcome, be they religious (any), pragmatic, spiritual, purely scientific, some combination thereof or something else entirely. And/or just unadulterated curiosity.

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Northbound Equinox Celebration with Mark Sargent

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Flat Earth Southern Solstice Celebration

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Autumnal Equinox Flat Earthers Party

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Northern Solstice Celebration

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