IxDD 2019 – Connecting the Dots by Oliver Reichenstein

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We have the honor to host Oliver Reichenstein for the second edition of the World Interaction Design Day.

Following the talk, the now-traditional IxDD Apéro. We are siced to meet you all for the launch of this new season!

Connecting the Dots
Traditionally, ethics and aesthetics are philosophical disciplines. Tries to find principles to shape action. Aesthetics reflects on perception and beauty. Does that sound familiar? Accidentally, design gives shape and forms action. In his talk, Oliver explores what designers can learn from philosophers, and, reciprocally, what philosophers learn from designers.

About Oliver Reichenstein
Oliver Reichenstein is the founder and director of Information Architects, the Tokyo, Zurich, and Berlin-based design consultancy. iA serves clients in the media industry like Nikkei, NHK, Condé Nast, Red Bull, The Guardian, Asics, Die Zeit, and Wikipedia. iA is also known for it’s design philosophical essays and, mainly, iA Writer, a pioneering minimalist text editor they have been developing since 2010. Oliver studied philosophy in Basel and Paris and started working for a band agency after his degree. He moved to Japan in 2003 where he founded iA. Throughout his work, Oliver is trying to connect the dots between design and philosophy.


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