Free N4-N3-level Japanese Class: Read and Discuss the Book about Satoru Iwata

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Code Chrysalis - Developer Workshops & Events for Tokyo

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東京都港区元麻布3-1-35 · 東京都


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Enhance your Japanese skills with our Free Japanese Lesson!

Have you ever tried to read books or manga in Japanese?
Join our free interactive Japanese class on August 19th with Akiko Suzuki!
We will read some parts of the brand new book about Satoru Iwata, ex-CEO of Nintendo. He was well-loved as an engineer, gamer, and a business person.

We will learn about Iwata's philosophy, practice vocabulary, kanji and speaking related to IT and Gaming industry, and enhance reading skills.

- Satoru Iwata

Why Should You Join?
Learn new vocabulary and kanji
Practice speaking
Learn how to read faster
Ask for other learning tips
Hear about other (online) learning resources

Target Audience:
Anyone can join, the lesson is targeted to N4 and N3-level Japanese.
You don't need to have the book to join the class.

Instructor Akiko Suzuki:
Akiko has been teaching Japanese for over 17 years for both individuals and corporate clients. Based in Tokyo, she works as a full-time freelance teacher and specializes in the game and IT industry. With over 20,000 followers on Twitter (@akokitamura), she shares and helps foreigners to grasp the Japanese language. Check her website here:


7:00: Doors open
7:30: Introduction
7:35: Vocabulary and expressions
8:10: Read together a couple of 岩田さんのことば
8:40: Talk about favorite games with other attendees
9:00: Workshop ends and networking

About the book:
The book is “岩田さん -岩田聡はこんなことを話していた。-” A company ほぼ日 (hobonichi) collected Iwata-san’s words and put them together in the book.

We have gained a permission from the publisher to use the material for this class.


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