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What we’re about

We are in the era of big data, where all kinds of data is being collected within the organizations. Understanding data is step number one, before we can even decide what to do with it? Data visualization is the best way to understand your data. All folks interested in data know that Data Visualization is as much of an art, as it is science! In addition, maturity in your visualizations and analyses is very much guided by the level of experience one has.

We, in Jacksonville , need a neutral forum where we can learn from each other about the best practices associated with Data Visualization, share case-studies, understand how to and what results to drive, irrespective of the tools. And talking about tools, there are over 15 data visualization tools, and we should have a way to learn about what exists and what is coming in the world of data science.

Since Data Science, Machine Learning and Data Visualization are all critical to achieving the end-goal, it makes sense for us to broaden the group and make it even more exciting.

This Meet-Up group is targeted at both, experienced and aspirational data users and data scientists. We plan to meet once a month and have an opportunity to meet, greet, talk and perhaps have a sponsored beer!