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Why the Creative Enterprise?

The Jahwar Amber Creative Enterprise is about an idea, a place, and people. For the past seven years, the Jahwar Amber Foundation has been home to a wide variety of creative businesses—from artists to architects, entrepreneurs to manufacturers. The new horizon brings opportunities and challenges. Our name highlights our effort to preserve and promote the members historic and creative character in the midst of change.

The idea – Keep people who make a living by their creative capacities here.

The place – The area we call Kenya.

The people – Artists, artisans, manufacturers, creative entrepreneurs, and so many more.

What is the vision?

Be a livable, mixed-use neighborhoods, recognized and sustained as a centers of enterprise and creativity. Part of this vision is already in place and must be preserved. Other elements need to be fostered. Our vision is rooted in the idea that creative work is both necessary and satisfying. That an increasing number of people make a living through their creative capacities, enhancing productivity and innovation; that the enterprise will become an even more desirable place to work because of our vibrant mix of people and ideas.

What do we do?

The Jahwar Amber Creative Enterprise (JACE) is a supportive coalition of organizations, businesses, and individuals working together to accomplish these basic goals:

• Stabilize conditions in which creative enterprises, industries, artists, non-profits, and residents flourish.

• Connect creative groups, industries, artists, non-profits, and residents.

• Collaborate, cross-pollinate ideas, and share common interests.

• Promote a distinctive identity that expresses the unique nature of Kenya.

• Encourage others to collaborate with us in achieving our goals.

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