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What we’re about

Do you believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead to save us, that He is the living God?

Do you believe that Jesus is coming again and when He comes, you want that He would say to you, "Well done  my good and faithful servant, you can now join me in my Father's Kingdom ?" 

Would you like not only you can enter the kingdom, but also your family, friends and people who live around you?

Well, the purpose of this groups is for us to be able to say Yes to all the above question.

We are a bunch of young people from a non-denomination movement who have a same passion towards our Lord Jesus Christ. Our vision is to gather people who have the same passion and empower and equip them with God’s Word. 

In Mathews 6:19-21 encourage not to store our treasures on earth but in heaven and how to do that is by becoming Christ ambassadors in this world and strive not only to have close personal relationship with Jesus but also have the strive to give love and service to others.

Some of the programs that Jakarta Bible Talk does on a regular basis are :

1. To invite member to join Bible Talks in different various places around Jakarta,

2. Praying for each other and strengthen the members spiritual growth by holding regular personal Bible Study,

3. Apply the studies learned into action through helping in a charity and experience the joy of giving. 

4. Doing activities together (join Sunday Service, sports, game night, cinemas, and other events) 

Some of our past activities  have included going to orphanages to distribute ‘sembako’ and also to places where we can make unfortunate kids smiles and many others. 

Don't worry about the language.. We can speak fluent English or Bahasa.. So if you're new in J-town and you would like to look for a community who loves God and want to help spreading to others, please join!