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The Jakarta Tech Talks are both conference based and virtual webinars dedicated to the discussion and discovery of Jakarta EE and broader Cloud-Native Java technologies.

Stay tuned for local and virtual events, as we invite the global community of Jakarta EE enthusiasts to participate in the discussion.

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Upcoming events (4+)

Migrating a Monolith to Cloud-Native

Online event

Have you started your Cloud-Native journey? The first thing you need to do is containerize your applications. Now that you’ve gotten past that first hurdle, I’m here to say there’s more to think
about. In this talk, I’ll talk about stumbling blocks that a masked enterprise called AsgharLabs had to deal with, and hopefully shed some light on things you haven’t thought about.

Serverless Java Event Driven Applications in the Cloud Native world

Java ecosystem is vast and rich. It has been the center of innovation for years. Many people and organizations invested time and money in Java.

...but, Java is not very popular in the cloud!

Who says you cannot use Java in the cloud? Would you like to use Java in event-driven and serverless architectures?

I will show you how to do that by making a Java and Quarkus app run on the cloud using minimal resources. In my demo, I will create a simple pipeline that use Knative which provides plug&play components to process events and a Quarkus application to receive the events. We'll get the events from Apache Kafka to the pipeline and see how the Java application scales quickly and with minimum resources.

The five skills you must master to be outstanding as a software engineer

An area of technology has been growing exponentially and bringing with it several opportunities and specializations. Among these thousands of options, we have software engineering and architecture. However, with so much content and easy access to happiness, how would be the best way to reach the goal that will achieve the desired satisfaction? In this debate, we will significantly address the area of expertise in software engineering, in other words, career approaches such as "techniques." Let's share five engineering skills for you, the professional software technician.

Jakarta EE & MicroProfile - Piranha Cloud - A new EE / MP runtime in progress

This session will take a look at a new runtime that is aiming to become Jakarta EE and MicroProfile certified in the future. Piranha Cloud USP is supporting those platforms without being a traditional application server.

Past events (52)

Applied Domain-Driven Design Blueprints for Jakarta EE

Online event

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