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The Jakarta Tech Talks are both conference based and virtual webinars dedicated to the discussion and discovery of Jakarta EE and broader Cloud-Native Java technologies.

Stay tuned for local and virtual events, as we invite the global community of Jakarta EE enthusiasts to participate in the discussion.

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Jakarta Tech Talks - JMS 2.0 & Jakarta 3.0 messaging

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Jakarta 3.0 messaging provides a standard set of messaging concepts and interfaces enabling Java developers design and build loosely coupled with a single - yet powerful - API. In this session, Graham and Richard will show how a developer can get up and running quickly with a Jakarta 3.0 developer runtime environment - using OpenLiberty and IBM MQ - and get hands on with a sample code. Once up and running, the presenters will explore the environment's key features: demonstrate how Jakarta 3.0 applications can interoperate with JMS 2.0 services using IBM MQ as a common messaging provider and as a basis to migrate applications to the new standard.

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Jakarta tech Talk - Tradista: a free, Open Source financial risk management

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