• Jun 6, 10 AM ~ Apollo: When we went to the Moon!

    Virginia Museum of History & Culture

    Apollo: When We Went to the Moon chronicles the timeline from the beginning of the Space Race – a time when the U.S. and Soviet Union competed over their accomplishments in space exploration – to the collaborative culture of the International Space Station program and beyond. Through objects and artifacts from the U.S. Space & Rocket Center’s archives that set the scene for the era, it explores the social and political forces that pushed these nations to sacrifice man and machine in order to be the first humans to set foot on the moon. Experience the best of technology and exploration through the eyes of the engineers and in the boots of the astronauts who took us to the moon 54 years ago.

    The Apollo 11 Moon landing (July 21, 1969) forever changed our understanding of humanity’s limitations and furthered man’s collective fascination with interplanetary travel. While humankind is certain of when we got to the Moon, many do not know the important role Virginia played in getting us there.

    The history of NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton reveals the complex and sometimes dangerous work that needs to happen to take us to infinity and beyond. The VMHC has partnered with Langley to present a special section of the exhibition that explores Virginia's place in the story of how the U.S. went from having the smallest aeronautics program in the Western world to becoming the first nation to land an astronaut on the Moon.

    "Apollo: When We Went to the Moon" recounts the evolution of manned space flight -- the Cold War Sputnik scare, Neil Armstrong's famous lunar stroll, the global galactic summit of the International Space Station, and beyond.

    The Richmond stopover, which starts March 18 at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture, will include a special supplemental display that talks about Virginia's singular role in the space race, a sidebar exhibit put together by VMHC staff. Virginia may be the mother of presidents, but it's also been the mother of astronauts. Eleven have been born in the commonwealth, and NASA-manned flight concepts were conjured and nurtured here.

    "The human space program in the U.S. was born in Virginia, at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton. Much of the testing and organization of our first human in space projects were organized there. Many people who lived in Virginia worked at Langley and participated in Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and now the new Artemis project, where we're now going back to the moon."

    Admission to the exhibit: Seniors 65+ $8. Adults $10. Curbside Parking, or $5 in the lot.

  • June 7, 9AM - Robious Landing Park Hike

    Robious Landing Park

    Come join me on a well-shaded trail along the James River. We will try to get 4 miles out of this hike, probably winding around a trail more than once. There is very little elevation, but let me warn you that it could be muddy, so wear appropriate shoes.
    Please bring bug spray, sunscreen, and lots of water to hydrate. It's best to wear non-cotton socks to discourage blisters.
    Well-behaved, leashed dogs are welcome on this hike. Please keep dogs separated from other dogs. Best to have dogs in the back of the hikers to protect them and hikers who might trip on leashes or your pooch. PLEASE BRING WATER FOR YOUR DOG TOO.
    There are bathrooms in the parking lot where we are meeting.
    The hike starts promptly at 9 AM. Please be there 10 minutes before to be sure you will be on time.
    It's best to drop out if you are running late. Please take your name off the list of attending in consideration to hikers who will be waiting in the heat.
    Thanks so much!!

  • Jun 7, 4 pm: Reedy Creek to Belle Isle and Back. Dinner maybe.

    Reedy Creek Parking Lot

    This is an easy to moderate hike, 3.8 to 4 miles, and is great for beginners. We really enjoy the scenery walking from Reedy Creek to Belle Isle and back. From Belle Isle, you’ll find spectacular views of Richmond’s skyline, Hollywood Cemetery, blue herons and ducks fishing in the James, and an occasional kayak-er or two.

    Belle Isle was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1995 and its historic significance dates back to 1607 when first explored by Captain John Smith.

    You are encouraged to arrive a little early to find parking; the lot fills up quickly especially on sunny days.

    Bring water and hydrate often! You should be able to negotiate tree roots, small rocks, and an occasional downed tree limb although much of our route is relatively flat and well-maintained.

    Hike at your own risk. Neither Meetup nor your hiking organizer/fellow members assume liability for your safety and well-being.

  • June 8, 5:00 PM: Landon Elliot (tix or memb req).Fido Night

    Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

    Please check in with me when you arrive, and ask specifically for James River Hikers if you are new to the group.

    Free for Lewis Ginter members, otherwise $17 adults; $14 senior citizens (65+). Advance tickets are not required.

    Landon Elliott is an old spirit, and it shows in his voice. Its rasp and grain – forged in North Carolina’s huge-sky Outer Banks – bring his songs so resonantly to life that by rights it should belong to a much older person.

    Parking is free. The music starts at 5.

    As far as I can tell, it is Fido Night. Lewis Ginter had the same date listed to be decided in one section with Landon Elliot listed in another.

    Bring a chair and blanket. I have had no problem bringing water in my bag. Beer and wine and food available for purchase.

  • June 8th - 6:00PM: Free Silver Bullets Concert at Short Pump Town Center

    Short Pump Town Center

    Let's gather to dance and enjoy the energy of the Silver Bullets. It is in the main plaza in the middle of the mall. Chairs are allowed. We can organize a home base together to enjoy and dance to the music. We can use the comments and/or event chat to locate each other once we're there!

    Short Pump Concert Series: https://www.shortpumptowncenter.com/en/events/summer-concert-series-2023-43121.html

    Silver Bullets: http://silverbulletsrva.com/videos/

  • JUNE 08, 6:15 pm - Urban Stair Climbing Hike 4-5 miles

    Bottoms Up Pizza

    You need to be in relatively good shape to do this hike. It is not a beginner or no drop hike.
    We leave exactly at 6:15 pm. If you are late, you may be able to catch up by walking East on Dock Street to the Flood Wall pedestrian walk-through at the end of the Canal Walk or on the paved Capitol Trail. ***This is a moderate paced hike with a few short rest stops depending on what group wants at the time. This hike is short (5.1 miles, 3.5 mph, 17 min miles), but can be very *challenging due to all the flights of stairs we climb during this hike (thus is the reason it is called the "Mountain Training Hike"). Even though this is a group hike, each participant is welcome to choose whether he or she wants to do some stairs that are considered "optional" and opt out of doing any of the stairs at any time since there is no pressure from the organizer or other members. There will be several overlooks of the Richmond Skyline, Church Hill, and/or Shockoe Bottom. Hydrate before & during hike. Bring a headlamp, flashlight, or use your mobile phone flashlight app. when it is not Daylight Savings Time.

    *You will take over 10,000 steps (not stairs) which is well over the daily recommended amount in two hours. There are several sets of stairs to tackle which equals 1,149 stair steps but once again each participant decides which ones he or she wants to climb during the hike. The terrain is mostly paved and brick sidewalks. Some sidewalks are uneven. There is also a short dirt decline which has the usual stumps and small rocks. We will have brief breaks to take in the beautiful views of our city.
    PARKING: Park for free on the street. OR Park at the Capitol Parking Lot on Main Street directly across from the Amtrak Train Depot - costs $2 for 3 hours, $3 for 4 hours, or $4 for 5 hours.

    DOGS: Dogs are welcome. Please bring plastic bags to pick up your dog's droppings.

  • Jun 9, 9 am - Byrd Park Walkabout

    Location visible to members

    What we’ll do:
    We’ll meet near the benches at the start of the Vita Course near 2701 Police Memorial Way. Parking is available along Police Memorial Way and Spottswood Road. Our route will vary between the Vita Course, the lakes, the Carillon, the pump house, the Dogwood Dell trails, and the Boulevard Bridge. Sometimes we may even venture over to Maymont or Texas Beach. The distance covered will be 3 to 5 miles, taking about 2 hours. Leave your dog at home, since dogs aren't allowed on the Vita Course or in Maymont.

  • June 9, 3:30 pm: Friday Bowling!

    Holiday Bowl

    Come on down and enjoy some Chester Hospitality; Holiday Lanes, a long time Chester Institution, has lowered their lane fee and shoe rental fee for James River Hikers! Join your fellow Hikers for a few VERY friendly non-competitive games of bowling from 3:30 to 5:15. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro this is a good way to have some fun, get to know your fellow Meetup members and end the week. For those interested we can go for dinner afterwards. Don't judge a book by its cover. The inside of this alley has been completely renovated with new lanes, state of the art electronic scoring and a 50's retro snack counter. No money was spent on the parking lot, exterior of the building or sign. Please note, the entrance sign on route 1/301 is rather small. This entrance is on left side of route 1/301 just past route 288. Shoes $3:00. Games $3:00.

  • June 10, 5:30PM - Flying Squirrels Baseball

    The Diamond


    It's HOCKEY night at the ballfield THIS SATURDAY! Wear a hockey jersey or hockey related cap (encouraged, but not required). Tickets are on me, I get free tickets for this game from work. But if you sign up, please be sure to attend so as not to take a ticket away from someone else. Be prepared to pay for parking. Last time I was there, parking was either $5 or $10. I don't remember.

    Meet at the ticket booth outside the gates at 5:30. We'll head in promptly at 5:45pm.

    Sorry for the shorter notice. I pulled a muscle in my back and couldn't sit in front of the computer for long periods of time to post this.