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What we’re about

Musashi International Meetup is a global community group of friends from different nationalities and diverse life style background in Tokyo area. All unique activities are weekend & holiday based, well produced from the view points of International leisure, recreations, tourism with the original Meetup essential concepts, and everybody can enjoy various type events comfortably. Our common language is English, and occasionally maybe some japanese, chinese, or others. We love to talk and share about various topics & experiences & information, such as culture, hobby, food, politics, life, technology, travel, business, art, history, music, etc. Almost every weekend, we are planing a quality event, short trip, or excursion for exploring Tokyo downtown areas, social sports, chat, Culture exchange, Hakone, Nikko, Asakusa, Mt.Fuji, Okinawa, Hokkaido, Camping, Hot Spring, Snow resort, and other interest destinations. We welcome you to join our group and be our new friend! 

Past activities photo albums page:

Someday, the day may/will come when you have to leave Tokyo or Japan. In the future, if our group activities were joyful and memorable pages of your Tokyo life, that will be my pleasure.

Kimio, Group Organizer

★All this group event is a joint event with The Meetup Club - Musashi and Musashi Hiking & Outdoor & Adventure Meetup group.

The Meetup Club - Musashi group:

Musashi Hiking & Outdoor & Adventure Meetup group: