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~ where Japan & the world meet @Singapore ~ A meetup for Japanese natives, locals, visitors in Singapore, who are interested in Japan & Japanese culture - anything Japanese. Also for language & cultural exchange.

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Round 121: Japanese Language Exchange & Study Support Group

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A dollar per session charge will be done for miscellaneous fees. If you are interested, head down to the discussion corner on how it will be used. 参加費は一人1ドルです。参加費はイベントやミートアップグループの維持に使われます。 Please do look for the Organizers to help you get an appropriate seat; this will help us run the show better and let us understand your needs too :) 言語交換というイベントの性質上、主催者の指定した席にご着席ください Hey folks ! The Next session would be near MRT Stations: Bugis<-> Doby Ghaut <->Little India If you are new, don't be shy not to drop by and have a nice tea and just chat away. ( Most of us don't usually bite ψ(`∇´)ψ ) Or if you don't feel comfortable, you can always get someone who looks friendly to help in the conversation. The usual (not compulsory) we would have 二次会 (Second Round Namely Dinner) Followed by 三次会 (Third Round Namely Minor Drinking). To new friends who are thinking of joining us | 参加しようと思っている初めての方へ: This is a gathering for people who are interested in the Japanese Language. You should preferably be learning it or have a strong intention of doing so in the near future. There will be "seniors" who can guide you in your learning. Not only a cultural exchange between many nationalities, this is first and foremost a LANGUAGE exchange group, so be prepared to speak some Japanese words and hear lots of them. Fluent speakers should also seize this opportunity to practise using Japanese as much as you can. この会は日本語に興味が持っている人々のためにあり、多国籍の方々が参加し文化交流をしていただくのですが、主に言語を中心にランゲージ・エクスチェンジしていただきたく考えています。世界を深く知り、英語や中国語を練習する機会としてご活用いただければ幸いです。

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