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Yoga Expo - January 5, 2019

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ようこそ! Welcome to 'I LOVE JAPAN!' Meetups!

Who We Are

Japaneeds Meetup is sponcered by Japaneeds ( to support the growing Japanese learners community.

Our mission is to link between the Japanse and the world people (Note: We are NOT for dating or matchmaking) to develop the friendship so that takes a part of the contribution to promote peace and prosperity among all peoples.

Japanese Meetup is just founded as a meetup group in July 2014 by Shige Nakamura (Founder of Japaneeds). Japaneeds itself is a profit organization, but Shige became wanting to have a bigger picture to develop the Japanese language education system better for both students and teachers. I wish you join us and enjoy all about Japan together!

Contact Information

We are also teaching Japanese!

More details:!tutoring/c30t

Phone: (323) 203-6198 [Shige]

What We Do

Connect the native and non-native speakers with their common interests related to the Japanese language and culture and help them successful fulfilling their lives .

Collect all information related the Japanese language and culture and share with the members.

What Makes Unique about US

Every Japaneeds meetup has a native Japanese speaker at least. The native Japanese speaker helps you to firm your Japanese proficiency.

Good welcoming atmosphere for both native Japanese speakers and all levels of non-native Japanese speakers.

Some links to find events (Let us know if there should be more!):

Japanese American Cultural & Community Center:

Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles: (

Japanese American National Museum:

Japanese City: (

Japan Foundation: (

Japan Film Society:

Anime Expo:

Nisei Week:

[Caltural Classes]

Dance (日本舞踊/Nihon Buyo):

Awa Odori:


Flower Arranging (生け花/Ikebana):



Kimono (着付け/Kitsuke):

Language (日本語/Nihongo):



Martial Arts (武道/Budo):







Music [邦楽/Hogaku]


Tea Celemony (茶道/Chado):

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