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ようこそ! Welcome to 'I LOVE JAPAN!' Meetups!

Who We Are

Japanese Meetup is set up to support the growing Japanese learners community and to enjoy all the great Japanese themed events and venues in the greater Los Angeles area.

Our mission is to enjoy all things Japanese and to meet other Japanophiles.

Feel free to contact the Organizer of the group if you know of an upcoming event that you would like to attend. We'll make an effort to put it on the calendar for all members. Please give 2-3 weeks notice before the event.

What We Do

Connect the native and non-native speakers with their common interests related to the Japanese language and culture and help them enjoy all things Japanese.

Share the Japanese language and culture with like minded people that make up this group.

Some links to find events (Let us know if there should be more!):

Japanese American Cultural & Community Center: http://www.jaccc.org/index.php

Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles: http://www.la.us.emb-japan.go.jp/e_web/jicc_calendar.htm (http://www.la.us.emb-japan.go.jp)

Japanese American National Museum: http://www.janm.org

Japanese City: http://www.japanese-city.com (http://www.japanese-city.com/)

Japan Foundation: http://www.jflalc.org (http://www.jflalc.org/?act=tpt&id=139)

Japan Film Society: http://japanfilmsociety.org

Anime Expo: http://www.anime-expo.org

Nisei Week: http://www.niseiweek.org

[Cultural Classes]

Dance (日本舞踊/Nihon Buyo):

Awa Odori: http://awaodori.weebly.com

Fujima-ryu: http://www.fujimakanayano.com/index.html

Flower Arranging (生け花/Ikebana):

Ohara: http://zemmai.com/works/Ohara_LAchapter/index.html

Ikenobo: http://www.ikenobola.com

Kimono (着付け/Kitsuke):


Language (日本語/Nihongo):

JLPT> http://www.aatj.org/jlpt/

Japaneeds> http://www.japaneeds.org

Martial Arts (武道/Budo):

Kendo> http://scko.org/location/

Judo> http://www.nankajudo.com

Karate> http://www.kyokushinla.com

Aikido> http://www.usaikifed.com

Iaido> http://www.auskf.info/iaido-new/index.htm

Kyudo> http://www.kyudo.com/nkr.html

Music [邦楽/Hogaku]

Taiko: http://www.taikocenter.com/TaikoCenterofLosAngeles/Welcome.html

Tea Celemony (茶道/Chado):



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Love Letter - A Japanese Film

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Griffith Park Hike - Merry-Go-Round to the Helipad

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Little Tokyo Walking Tour - History of Resilience

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