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What we’re about

Are you interested in:

*Meeting with other Japanese people in the area.

*Meeting people who are interested in the language and the culture

*Speaking/Practicing the language

*Miss Japan

We meet once a month with Japanese related events. All ages welcome!

*Roji as one of the sponsors will provide the space for meetups. Please let roji staff scheduling manager know at least 2 1/2weeks in advance if possible for sat/sun 1-3pm meetups so that he/she can find a staff to open the door to let you in.

*Anyone can suggest the meetup theme. Please post your idea on this site to share with all members. An organizer can make you as a host of the event once enough people are interested. This way, the person who suggested the event will have access to email members, update the page, etc.

*Please arrange to collect the material fee (ex. flower for ikebana etc) at each meetup.

I hope this works. Let me know if you have any suggestions or concerns. Thank you for your understanding. :)