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IT industry in Sri Lanka is growing at an alarming rate. With Universities and institutions that produce world class IT professionals and a plethora of IT firms developing state of the art software, the Sri Lankan software industry has already shown signs of a bright future.

Sri Lankan IT industry is also blessed with a large number of professional Java developers. It is not incorrect to state that most software development work carried out in Sri Lanka is based on Java technologies. Many Sri Lankan IT organizations are engaged in Java projects and every year several hundred Sri Lankans obtain the OCPJP (formerly SCJP) qualification to become certified Java developers.

JAVA Colombo is a community driven effort to bring the Sri Lankan Java developer community together. We believe that by working together as a community, individual developers can gain more visibility into their skills and organizations can get more publicity around their projects which will eventually help put Sri Lanka on the world map as a center of excellence for Java technologies. JAVA Colombo is also a means of communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing which enables technical knowhow, experience and innovation to flow across different organizations, teams and individuals.

JAVA Colombo provides a warm and friendly atmosphere where Sri Lankan Java developers can meet each other and get to know each other better. We also have regular tech talks, panel discussions and various other educational activities to help developers learn and become experts in Java technologies. We work as a community promoting the development and adoption of Java technologies in Sri Lanka while helping developers and organizations take their innovative projects to a wider audience.

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