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What we’re about

We are a group of runners/joggers/walkers who are social as well as dedicated to doing some exercise. We've been meeting weekly on Saturday or Sunday for years and running/walking.  This is a no pressure group - some folks run fast (7-8 min/mile); moderate (9-11 min/mile); walk/jog and some walk. Some folks run long (10+); some shorter (6-8); walkers usually do 4-5. This is usually negotiated just as we start. After we do our exercise thing, people often sit at a local coffee shop and schmooze. Bottom line: we are a social group that enjoys exercising together.

(Note: if you sign up for a run, please attend.  We wait 5 minutes after the planned start time if there are people who have signed up but present).

Liability Disclaimer: While we make every effort to ensure that our runs are safe there is still an inherent risk of personal injury while trail running. Java Joggers, our Sponsors, other club members, or anyone representing Java Joggers assume no responsibility for your safety while running with the club. All we do is provide an avenue for you to run with others who share a common interest. You are responsible for your own safety while attending a Java Joggers group event. By participating in this run you fully agree with these statements and furthermore you release any and all aforementioned parties from any claims of liability. Please be safe!

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