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Some book clubs restrict who can join by gender, age, or devotion to certain genres. That's OK for them, but not what this group is about. Some books clubs are mainly social, with the books being a pretext for getting together. That's OK for them, but also not what this book club is about.

If you're old, young, middle-aged, ageless, male, female, someplace else on the gender spectrum...if you like to actually read a variety of books and think a variety of thoughts, this is the group for you as long as you like to share your reading experience and ideas in a friendly and respectful way.

We do need ACTIVE, PARTICIPATING MEMBERS. Please join only if you are committed to looking at every announcement of a meeting, clicking on the link, and RSVPing consistently, whether your response is yes or no..

We have two regular meeting formats:

1 There's a coffee shop format that invites you to read any book in the world as long as it is widely available and not some kind of hate tract on the topic for that meeting, then come in and share your experience of the book and listen to other members discuss theirs. Since there is a common thread of theme, the discussion can go in many directions.

2 There's a full service restaurant format where we meet for Sunday brunch November through March, and a weeknight, generally Tuesday or Wednesday, the rest of the year. For this meeting, we ask you to choose from a curated list on the meeting's theme. The list always includes both at least one new release and backlist books and almost always includes both fiction and nonfiction choices. We have used this format for a long time and it usually leads to dynamic discussions.

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