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What we’re about

The Jacksonville Atheists Meetup group is devoted to bringing atheists, agnostics, humanists, freethinkers, and everyone else together for comradery and support. It can be tough living in this part of the country and not subscribe to a religion or faith based group. That's why it's really important that we get together, and even more importantly STAY together.

We're here for two major reasons. The first is for visibility among like minded people who don't know we exist. It's amazing how many people out there don't attend groups like this simply because they did not know that others like them exist. The second major reason is so that we may one day be accepted by everyone else and treated fairly with equal rights.

We are doctors, teachers, actors, plumbers, air traffic controllers, bankers, authors, grocers, taxi drivers, Jiu-Jitsu instructors, garbage collectors, artists, police officers, accountants and everyone else in between. We're just as moral, and just as friendly as anyone. The only difference is that we don't claim that a god or gods exist.

JAM is not here to antagonize or attack. There may be disagreement between atheists and the majority of the world, but that's ok. Everyone is entitled to the freedom to express their thoughts and opinions. Everyone also has the freedom to be a member of whatever organization they wish.

JAM events are very informal. Typically we like to get together for dinner and be friendly and social. Occasionally there will be a theme or topic for the night, but for the most part if you want to talk about something, by all means bring it up. We don't just talk about atheism or religion related things. We also talk about science, art, history, movies, current events, and everything else that might be of interest.

Other nights we like to get together for Jax Trivia games ( We also coordinate with the First Coast Freethought Society ( and host a movie night. Our last movie night featured Religulous by Bill Maher, which was a HUGE success.

Our meetings are open to the public and anyone and everyone who is an atheist or is atheist-friendly are encouraged to attend and have a good time. If you'd like to ask general questions or start a discussion please visit the discussion board. If you have more specific questions please direct them to the Leadership Team via the "Contact Us" link in the sidebar.

JAM is a member of the North East Florida chapter of the United Coalition of Reason.
( The Northeast Florida Coalition of Reason is an affiliate of the United Coalition of Reason. The First Coast Freethought Society (FCFS), the Jacksonville Atheist Meetup Group (JAM), and the Ancient City Freethinkers and Humanists (ACFH) have joined together to form this local coalition to raise the visibility of nontheists in our area and to promote cooperation among the individual groups.