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You're invited to JELLY Social: Networking for Passionate Entrepreneurs & Professionals! Join us for our popular monthly installment of JELLY at 10:00 AM at The Common Ground Cafe in Mississauga! We'll have refreshments and LOTS of entrepreneurs for you to connect with. Please RSVP to reserve a spot! CHECK OUT OUT WEBSITE: CHECK OUT OUR VENUE HOST: JOIN OUR JELLY FB GROUP: SUBSCRIBE TO OUR JELLY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: ★ What is JELLY Social? JELLY is a community of 3500+ passionate GTA entrepreneurs and professionals working together to help each other succeed. Talented professionals around the GTA are tapping into the JELLY community to discover, connect and collaborate with other talented professionals. The result... we're all growing and succeeding! Want to plug into the community? Make sure to join us at our very popular JELLY Social networking event! Come out to JELLY Social and we'll help you make the connections you need to thrive. Think of our community as your own professional support group. At JELLY Social you can: 1) INTRODUCE yourself to other professionals in the community; 2) SHARE YOUR PASSION with other professionals; 3) ASK for help from fellow professionals; 4) OFFER your help to fellow professionals. Over the 100+ events we’ve held to-date, we’ve seen countless connections and collaborations happen within our community. Local professionals that wouldn’t normally interact are now discovering each other at JELLY events and are actually working together to support one another. This drives us to do even more! HERE'S THE FORMAT: Every month, we follow the same format for JELLY Social. We give everyone the opportunity to stand in front of the entire audience and introduce themselves. This is your personal introduction and you have full freedom about what you would like to talk about - but as a part of your introduction, we encourage you to answer the following 4 questions: 1. Who am I? 2. What is my passion & purpose? 3. What are my goals this week? 4. What could I use help with? This will help the others in the room to get to know you better, and have a better understanding of how they can support you. When you confidently put yourself out there, the JELLY community will support you however you need it...That's the power of community! Join us for a fun morning of networking, learning, and growth: Place: The Common Ground Cafe - 157 Lakeshore Road West, Mississauga When: January 4th Time: 10:00am to 12:00pm Cover: $5.00 Please bring your business cards JELLY is an official NO-JUDGEMENT ZONE! No matter what you do or who you are, you're welcome to come to JELLY and share your talent as well as learn from others. See you at the JELLY Social! RSVP to confirm your attendance. Limited Seating.

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What is JELLY Social?

JELLY's mission is to create a world where everybody has a place to call “my community”. JELLY is a not-for-profit social enterprise that provides opportunities for our community members to come together, learn together, and be welcomed as equals by others in the community.

★What JELLY Social? Once a month, we put together the JELLY Social networking event to give our JELLY community members an opportunity to come together and connect. Think of JELLY as your community support group - at JELLY Social you can: A) LEARN what others are doing; B) OFFER your help; C) ASK for help from fellow members. This is a great opportunity to collaborate and get the support you need to move forward with your ideas!

Over our 100+ events to-date, we have observed a very interesting result - people that wouldn’t normally interact are now discovering each other at JELLY events and are actually collaborating on their projects. We’re very proud of this outcome - JELLY has given them a sense of community and a reason to connect.

We are always happy to work with other community partners, so please feel free to send us a message to see how we might bring the Jelly Social community innovation concept to your organization.

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